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Tony Lovato (the_tony_lovato) wrote,
@ 2003-06-23 04:23:00
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    Current mood:bleh
    Current music:screaming from the porn i'm watching

    [[ Wooo I finally remembered my PW..haha..thanks to that e-mail they send you ]]

    Okay..Tony's birthday was off tha hooook!

    Hi, Avril, I"m so on right now..and you aren't. *shakes head* I'll talk to you later love!!! <<<333

    RIOT GIRL!!!!!!!!!! Hi, I heart you..and Like I have a picture of Ashton fucking Kutcher with his shirt off just for you!! my mommay!! wooo wooo. Go Go go go broday its yo burfday

    And hi, TWINCEST IS LIKE SO FUCKING HOT. I'm like the only one who gets to see Benji and Joel in action!!!

    woo *dances* TONY updated...well that wasn't really and was more like...ah fuck was an update.

    And hi, warped tour is of the chain. There are some fine ass girls out there mmmm!

    [[ *cries* my sisters' water broke and I'm like fucking freaking out because ya know ..its my baby sister and she's fucking having a baby. yeah..I'm scared, I dont know why and I don't know what to do. it's so EW! If my girlfriend ever got pregnant..I would pass the fuck out!! Anyway...not gonna be around for like two days or so. That baby needs to hurry up and come the fuck out. *nods* I'm so glad girls are the one who have the babies! *smiles* kidding but yeah...thats' all..dont miss me too much,
    -joel ]]

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2003-06-23 08:26 (link)
[[ haha you couldn't remember your password? Man I could have told you's not like it's hard to remember that and all ]]

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2003-06-23 12:03 (link)
[[ dude I was so spelling your name wrong. hah I was putting "tanhnee" unstead of "tahnee" haha..]]

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2003-06-23 21:28 (link)
[[ haha you loser. ]]

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