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Tony Lovato (the_tony_lovato) wrote,
@ 2003-05-13 20:53:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music: Emotionless---Good Charlotte

    why'd ya have to go and make things so fuckin' complicated.....
    Well, if you haven't heard....I'm gonna be a fucking father. I don't know how I got myself into this shit, but oh well. I didn't even know what was going on until Sarah (Martin) told me that my ex-girlfriend/current girlfriend soon to be wife, Sarah (Madden) was pregnant. pfft...I was like...WHAT??? why didn't you tell me?? when did you find out?? Man, I tell ya...I was freaking out. And then to top it off Sarah (martin) told me she was pregnant too. I mean Sarah is like my little sister...we have known each other since, forever...and I kinda went off on her and Benji too. I mean come on now...Benji is a great guy who has a great girl..and now he just found out he is gonna be a dad. I feel sorta responsible because I told benji to break up with Sarah..because he liked Broody. I didn't want him to hurt Sarah so I said what I had to. I don't know..

    One thing I'm sure of is that I will be there every second with Sarah...both Sarah's. I won't be like Sarah's dad and fucking leave...and I know Benji wouldn't do that either.

    I'm sorry don't need to be in this but I guess you are.

    And fuck I hate these mood swings Sarah is having. I mean...she fucking punched me in the face yesterday....and today she accused Asia of trying to steal me away from her....WTF. *cries* I have 9 more months of that shit....but it's all right. I'm not really sure if we are gonna get married but who knows. We probably will, but in order for me to get married I have to divorce Benji haha. One thing I'm gonna hate about getting married is that I can't live with Benji, Joel, or Matt anymore....and Mat...we have to give Simba back!!! *cries* Oh yeah benji I am sorry for hitting you last night. I really am.

    Shout outs to:::::: *Brody* <3..Judita are you still gonna kidnap me..Benji, Joel "I'm sorry man", Matt, Avril, and riot girl hah..Ginger, Sarah Martin and my fiance. Wow that felt so weird to say that werd. *cries* fiance!!!

    p.s. Asia..babe..I'm sorry...I'll talk to you later..and please get rid of that batman mask.

    Matt and I are anti-Zac

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2003-05-13 21:29 (link)
Dude no you can't move out *cries* why can't she move here? Sarah (Martin)'s moving in here...come on there enough room for everone.

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2003-05-13 21:38 (link)
Dude...we are gonna be married. I can't live you...*cries* I want to though.

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