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Liz (the_liz) wrote,
@ 2005-11-12 16:01:00
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    Current music:death cab

    i can't believe how much things have changed.

    two years ago i was planning a canned food drive and beginning something new. i hadn't even thought of yale, at least not for more than a moment.

    one year ago i think i hit rock bottom here. five girls sitting around me, trying to help me wipe up the mess i'd become.

    and here i am. alone, tired, working, jealous, and a little happy. but still, thanksgiving won't come soon enough.

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2005-11-14 23:29 (link)
don't be so hard on yourself, liz.

if there's anything you do, when you write in this blurty is put yourself down or look into the past, which is something YOU CAN NOT CHANGE.

first off, you can't compare van nuys to yale.

"L.O.L.W.T.F." liz?! Van Nuys vs. Yale?

i mean SENIOR YEAR in high school (van nuys high school, to be exact) and a FRESHMAN year at an ivy league school? (YALE, just fyi)

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? it's like comparing a senior sales rep to do the job of a first year ceo?

IN ANY CASE!!!!--------my two cents are as follows;

you should try to find the "bright side" of what i'm sure seems like a bleak situation, and take everything as a learning experience... i mean YOU ARE AT YALE?! i'm sure there is no time left for 'not learning' even when it comes to growing emotionally. maybe there's something about the air they have you breathe in new england that makes you grow up faster! :D

and refering back to seeing the change in things... if you look at how you've had to deal emotionally,t it's more than just 'growing pains' that you've gone through.

yet somehow i still think you may not have realized you can't go through life making the "right" decisions, and having the happiest times of your life 100% of the time, even if it seems like that for every yalie you meet.

maybe all this time, is just a preperation for the AWESOME COLLEGE days ahead of your experienced college life.

please, i hope-- you can one day rest assured as a sophmore yalie, great journalist, english professor, author or just plainly the AWESOME SOMETHING you're gonna be and see that this really isn't a big deal.

what is it that you see yourself doing? or what did you picture yourself doing by this time? did you ever think this far ahead? who or what are you comparing yourself to? I THINK YOURE DOING JUST FINE, WOMAN

also maybe instead of dwelling in what's happening now and comparing it to the past, you can look forward to looking back at your current situations and comparing them to the AWESOMENESS of the future.

ok, dude ive touched so many subjects right now that i dont really have much of the energy to elaborate on but just know this WHEN WE'RE BOTH OLD AND HAVE REAL COOL JOBS i'll make sure to remind you to tell me what your first yale years were like, having gone through 15+ years of life from now... you'll see... THIS isnt THAT BAD.

and oh ive had so much caffeine am i making any sense?

sorry if i havent o_O

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2005-11-14 23:41 (link)

Most of my comments tend to be longer than your entries. maybe this has something to do with the inability to articulate myself accurately or something!?!

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