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Xander (xan_man) wrote in the_hellmouth,
@ 2003-06-04 20:04:00
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    Current mood:gloomy

    The Dawn Protest [ ooc ]
    Alright. I had no problem with a 'new' Dawn because well, Niki was gone and (naturally) everyone wanted to get a new Dawnie BUT .. Niki is back now. I really want her to be our Dawn again. It's just kinda like our Faith-mun [[ (Em, I think) doesn't know the history between me and niki as Dander and stuff. It's our little ''conversations'' and ''secrets'' that we have that make our Dander special. I love Niki, I love her Dawn .. because it rocks. My Xander and her Dawn fit perfect together.

    I'm not saying that Em's Dawn would be worse or even that our characters won't go together but it's just like .. I want Niki. I don't know what to do and I don't want to make this a big deal but I really, really, really want Niki back. I'm not the only one right?

    I think it'd be a lot different if mabye Em wasn't anyone else and that was her only character but she does have Faith to fall back on. So I really think it won't hurt much if we get our Niki-y back. ]]

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2003-09-12 16:22 (link)
I.. don't care, ahah. Nics computer crashed, so she won't see this for a while; but I don't think she'd care. Except the fact that everyone was mad that Niki hadn't posted in months, as long as she posts regularly Nic will be doing cartwheels.

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Re: []
2003-09-13 11:31 (link)
Dude. My mom DIED. I haven't been on in like -- *2* months. If you don't want me back? Fine, SORRY that obver the past -- 4 months moms cancer and then death took up an ASSLOAD of my time and was more IMPORTANT then the net and/or rps.


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Re: []
2003-09-13 23:35 (link)
Niki .. don't worry about it I understand. Everyone was mad that you left but everyone I understand. You are so back .. or I'm so gone. Welcome back, Niki!


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Re: []
2003-09-19 15:40 (link)
I know your friend Cordy shaped told me but Nic said you told her if anythng happened where you wouldn't be around you said it was ok to replace you

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