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Kaytee (tempting_kissez) wrote,
@ 2003-07-06 11:03:00
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2003-07-08 12:54 (link)
No Faren...its not being mature to act the way you are acting. Its sad to think of how close you and KT were at one sisters if I remember correctly. And aint it funny that the reason your friendship broke up was becuz you were jealous of the time she was spending with Joe. So don't sit there thinking you're mature becuz you and Adrienne don't know the meaning of the word. You should be goin into 1st grade not 11th...I guess I should be grateful that Im too smart to be in any of your might kick my ass...hahahaha

madd luv

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2003-07-08 14:23 (link)
oh yeah ur real mature, ur puttin ur nose in this too um yeah, REALLY MATURE there!!!! lol, i think ur the one who dont know the meanin!... soo becuz u go and criticize someone else, make sure your RIGHT...

and who are u anyway?!


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2003-07-09 10:18 (link)
Yea "JULIET" you should really no how close me and KT were when I dont even no you.. And i didnt stop bein friends with KT becuz I was Jealous of her and joe spending so much time together.. because guess what?! me and joe are best friends.. i was always chillin wit him and KT cuz he always RATHER TALK TO ME THAN HER.. And yes he did tell me that. so im not jealous of neone. why do i care about that shit?! The real reason I stop hangin out wit her is because we grew apart and i started to act like myself and she stayed acting like a lil priss! So that is the real reason, and plus i got close wit otha ppl that had more things in common with me. So there thats the reason.. and guess what hunni.. about me actin IMMATURE. You hypocritical, because your acting immature puttin ur nose in our business thank you! and trust me im glad im in HOMESCHOOL now because if we did have a class next year i would have to do something about it~. So jus be happy i wont be in school with you..


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