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Angel of the tempest (tempest_angel) wrote,
@ 2006-06-07 14:31:00
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    Well, I thought I'd better post some pics of my diamond for you, see what you all think!

    Not quite what you were all expecting, is it? LOL. More on him later.

    I told J last night how I had issues with him going to visit a female so late at night. He didn't take it very well. He just can't understand where I'm coming from. Am I really being so unreasonable? I would have thought anyone in a relationship wouldn't be all that comfortable with that scenario (unless they knew the friend). I left there last night saying I needed to think about things. We both love each other. That is definitely not the issue. It's trust. I'm trying so hard. He thinks I should just be able to trust him again like that. He doesn't get how distraught it makes me.

    I know that there's a half way point and I need to relax and give him a chance. The thing is, he keeps running back to his female friends... and I'm wondering if that's the biggest sign he's not ready for any kind of relationship. It's not the fact that he's friends with them, it's the fact that he's inconsiderate about me when he goes to them. I don't know.

    This morning I decided I want to be with him, despite it being hard. What's the point in walking away at the first rough spot? I spoke to him. He's not so sure. He now needs time to decide whether he wants to be single. How much heartbreak can one relationship cause?

    I can't write any more, all I am doing is crying at my desk again. ugh.

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2006-06-07 05:27 (link)
I love your Diamond!
As for's not a crime to have female friends, is it? :) I can understand both your points of view, I've had to deal with it myself several times, because, well, I've got heaps of female friends, way more than male friends. I know it's unpleasant for you, but to me, if I was visiting a female friend, I wasn't visiting a "female friend", I was visiting a friend, period. I never made that distinction. But, I háve learned to understand it's not always so easy on the girlfriend, and hell, when I have a girlfriend who's at some boy's I don't know, sure, I get jealous too.
But you can't forbid him to see friends who happen to be female. All you can do is trust him, and all he can do is give you reasons to trust him.
If he wanted to be single, he'd have been single and he wouldn't have been with you (unless he's an absolute dickhead and he just wanted you for fun, but I can hardly imagine that being the case :)). I don't know him and I don't even know you so well, but for one reason or another you seem to always end up back together.
Hm..I'm not sure I've helped you at all with this. Just remember I'm thinking of you.

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2006-06-07 07:50 (link)
He's Beautiful! And I must say, it suits you much more than a silly old piece of jewelry...

No time to write more at the moment, sorry... but I'll be on later. Take care!

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2006-06-07 08:08 (link)
Hey, jewelry is not silly especially beautiful pink sapphire

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2006-06-07 08:11 (link)
Ummmm no, he's NOT what I was expecting. You are so naughty but hey I like naughty girls so its ok...hee hee hee. I was thinking that it must have been some huge ring to cost 1000 Exactly what kind of snake is it? I'd like to read about it. Is it going to get a lot bigger? He's very awesome :)

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2006-06-09 15:16 (link)
ohhh he is stunning, I have always wanted one... was after a cornsnake or a diamondback for a while but g wont have one in the house :(
it will take time to earn trust again hun

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