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Tekafone (tekafone) wrote,
@ 2003-12-06 23:31:00
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    Current mood: productive
    Current music:2 for 5-Broke Minds Think Alike

    Well my relationship right now I would say its good but its just the conversation part I'm not good at. I want to listen to her more but I always talk to much. Its real cool though she admitted to me that sometimes she'll ignore me because I talk so much. Then she said sometimes I'm boring. When she first told me this I took it really hard, when I say hard I mean hard. Afterwards I started thinking about it and finally realized well just work on the things that need improvement. I need to listen to her more rather then me running my mouth, I need to be more spontaneous too. I need to be better in her interests so I could hold conversations better too. Right now though I'm just focused on buying her a great christmas present. I was thinking a music box but I have no clue where to get one. My friend told me something about his lovelife that affected mine in a very very good way. He was telling me that if he were to get with someone that he couldn't be with them all the time he has a life too. Then I related that to my relationship and it works it really does. I used to worry a lot but then when I got that in my head I guess all of it just went away. I really do trust my girlfriend I really do, but it doesn't seem like it. I do know why but its instincts that are making me seem that way I guess. Theres this face that I make that when I make it you could tell somethings wrong. Well everytime she talks to this certain guy I make it. Thats something I have to fix too.
    Practice makes perfect, and there are such things as handymans. Just make sure that you don't break anything beyond the point of fixing it.

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