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girl vs world (teenageadult) wrote,
@ 2007-09-20 14:04:00
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    Current mood: crushed

    broken. literally.
    if you have a broken heart youd be dead.
    now i have a broken pinky and i almost died of pain literally.
    i was at work and i work in a kitchen restaurant (im embarrased to say which)
    and my fing got caught in the door and it shut completley. i couoldnt reach the handle behind
    me to open the doorr so i was screaming at this boy to open to door and he didnt understand me
    so i ripped my finger out. crunch / i barfed. my finger crunched flatt and that was my firt reaction, barf.
    i was scrreaaming customers thought i died.
    next time i tell someone the are a pussy for breaking their fingers haha ill shut my mouth.
    i might need plastic surgery. caussee of the tendons and everything

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funny/ not so funny!
2007-09-26 16:43 (link)

it is funny tha you say a comparsion to a broken finger to a broken heart, we don't really usethat finger but it is not funny comparing that to a broken "heart" The pinky is a finger we don't use often but is an extremidie, much like a part of our body when we feel pain we feel pain. although we all have said the fact that that we have had our hearts broken no pain is compared to how it makes us feel. don't feel bad your finger will heal, but in regaurds your heart does not, so i say get over it. the heart will heal itself un less you don't let it

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