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Devereaux (tay182) wrote,
@ 2004-06-27 13:10:00
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    few of all the amusement throughout tnights conversations
    eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:02 PM): i was talking to him though and he said "i must go" all manly and hairy
    oo roxi chic oo (12:49:17 PM): how do you know he said it manly and hairy
    eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:18 PM): good night i love you and hopefully ill see you tomorrow
    oo roxi chic oo (12:49:22 PM): it could have been girly and gay?
    eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:32 PM): must is a manly word
    oo roxi chic oo (12:49:49 PM): it's gay when they say they MUIST go shopping
    eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:55 PM): hahahahhaahahahahahhahahahaha
    eerriiccaa 04 (12:50:05 PM): wow i love you but now I must go

    yes erica love you too

    Pinkey Tuscadero (11:44:31 AM): is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? -mae west
    I'm honored

    aesweety62 (1:01:08 PM): dude what the hell is reading up abotu how to lose the fat on mystomch and u cant build abs unless you first lose the layers of fat on top of your stomach muscle (according to the internet)and it says cardio is the best thing???
    oo roxi chic oo (1:01:39 PM): * rolls eyes shakes head* ugh it's exercise cardio workout, like any exercise, walking running danicing sports
    aesweety62 (1:02:03 PM): so bascially what is it
    aesweety62 (1:02:07 PM): like is it something certain
    oo roxi chic oo (1:02:09 PM): EXERCISING
    oo roxi chic oo (1:02:14 PM): no certain something
    oo roxi chic oo (1:02:18 PM): a CARDIO workout
    oo roxi chic oo (1:02:48 PM): cardiovascular muslcle is your heart fyi and a cardio workout is pumping your heart
    oo roxi chic oo (1:02:50 PM): making it work
    aesweety62 (1:03:15 PM): oo.. i never heard of cardio lol
    aesweety62 (1:03:17 PM): ..before
    aesweety62 (1:03:18 PM): lol
    oo roxi chic oo (1:03:23 PM): we did last year in science
    oo roxi chic oo (1:03:26 PM): remember those projects
    aesweety62 (1:03:59 PM): yeah i knew it sounded fimilar cuas ei was liek i heard of this before i just dont knwo where but i didtn know what it was and i had a strange feeling it had soemthing to do with running
    oo roxi chic oo (1:04:21 PM): it doesn't really have anything to do with running, well kind of but not much

    ah my darling ditzy danielle, i still adore you no matter what the stupidity is, and I don't mean that in a bad way !<3 <3 <3


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