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Tasty Tanya (tastytanya) wrote,
@ 2006-06-15 20:16:00
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    Let’s play here…time to vent and share
    I am a woman who likes to be honest. I am a Phone Sex Operator. I know that these blogs are a good way to get our names out there. I just like to place to vent as well. I am the type of woman who will talk your ear off for…although I can be a great listener at times.

    So, I thought it best I make this my introduction. I have been a Phone Sex Vixen for about 2 years now. Past personal experience with boy friends not with standing of course. I add to my plate of experience a real wild spirit. We all have our deep dark fantasies. I don’t like to judge others for theirs. I’d rather get calls talking about somethings, than seeing people hurt others or hurt themselves trying it. Try to double cross me though, and I’ll hang you by your balls sooner than looking at you.

    I got drawn into Domination naturally. I have a darker natures but have found a balance to both sides. Many do not have such acceptance as to who they are or what they are. I am a bisexual woman who loves to enjoy herself and have others do as well.

    If you are still reading this then I have your attention…hee hee.

    I will make it steamier when the mood hits me.

    ~Licks, Nibbles, and Kisses~


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