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Its Bittersweet That You Run To Me (tasteoftears) wrote,
@ 2004-02-16 00:07:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Alkaline Trio - Trouble Breathing

    Me And Jordans Random Convo About Dave Rocking Anything She Wants Him To ha ha
    Auto response from totallylost27:
    'what, bitch, what' -dave miller
    ha ha he rocks my socks..

    totallylost27: what does he rock if you dont have socks?
    JadedWreckless: ha ha
    JadedWreckless: thats a good question..
    totallylost27: lol
    JadedWreckless: shoe laces?
    totallylost27: i know
    totallylost27: what if you dont get them
    JadedWreckless: how bout he rocks whatever you want him too..ha ha
    totallylost27: lol
    totallylost27: eyebrows?
    JadedWreckless: ha ha sure

    so yeah thats just a random convo we had last night..jordan is great i -heart- you kid...

    *i got 'say anything' on yeah im all happy now ive already watched it almost 2 and a half times..jordan im gonna come to your house this weekend and we're gonna watch that, ferris and grind...itll be fun, im inviting myself ha ha, i also got an alkaline trio and a sex pistols shirt, and my senses fail tickets finally but yeah im gonna go..later


    some guy on tv just said he had a fetish with bugs...he liked it when chicks stepped on bugs....and now i cant stop laughing, my moms like ive heard of some strange fetishes but thats just insane...

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