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Tara Monahan (taralou) wrote,
@ 2004-10-14 22:29:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:"Warmth Of the Sand"- Dashboard Confessional

    havent updated this motehr in a while.

    I feel like absolute shit. Being sick is the worst. I feel like my brain is swelling and its going to pop my skull off! Thats not good.

    My brother comes home tomorrow! YAAAAAAY! I miss him.

    no one likes blurty anymore...?

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2003-10-13 10:21 (link)
Tara, it sounds like you had an AWESOME time!!! haha Glad to see you so happy!!!
~ Katelyn

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2003-10-21 23:32 (link)
when i saw ur icon in maur's [purified] comments i almost died. and when i read this post, i died. =O which show did u go to???? =x the shows were by far the best shows i've been to ever. where do u go to school?!

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2003-10-22 22:11 (link)
AH somone else is a fanatic too! yay! im glad =) I went to the buffalo, ny show. It was amazing! I am also going to Carnegie Hall to see them. It shall be the best show yet to come. The sad thing is my friends went to virginia this past weekend and had front row and MET THEM! grrr...I could have went if it weren't for my mother =*( but anyways lol, I'm a junior at meyers. how bout you?

Thanks for commenting!!!!!


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Re: =)
2003-10-26 13:42 (link)
Ahh : ) that's awesome! I went to MD the first show on the tour and then I went to Philly because Zac told us to =x We didn't have tickets for Philly & Mr. Hanson took us inside =x It was stellar <3 my sn is : withoutuitzthend.. IM me sometime =)

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2005-01-05 19:10 (link)

My names meghan and haley gave me this account, please remove me from your friends list, thx =)

Meghan [x]_____________.

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