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Roxie (tapperina102) wrote,
@ 2005-01-28 00:30:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:none

    I did it!
    So i finally did it. I talked to jake tonight and i finally got up the courage to ask him if he was seeing someone. We talked a little about the holidays and stuff and then i asked him (and it came off as all casual and stuff too it was great!) and he said that he kinda was, it was a complicated situation but he was. Thats ok though because at least now i know that he is seeing someone and i know that at this time it is not going to work out but thats ok because at least i did it! The girl he's seeing is in Cobourg too. And the best thing to come out of this was that i made a guy friend that i can keep in contact with even if things didn't (don't) work out, at least we're still friends and stuff so that is always good since i feel that is the hardest part of a relationship is keeping in touch with a person after you meet them. So at least now i know, and now i can stop obssessing about him b/c i know that it's not going to work out now, so overall i guess this was a positive experience b/c now i can stop wondering about whether or not he's seeing anyone or anything, at least now i know the facts.

    On another note, tomorrow is friday and can i just say how excited i am? Excited that its the weekend and excited about janet's birthday party at her house. So, i know its a little early and all but i just wanted to say Happy Birthday Janet!!!

    Ok, now i really have to go to bed now....until later,


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2005-01-28 11:25 (link)
thanx!! and congratulations on umm...taking that step? lol...I dont know how to word it...but the point of the matter is, that you overcame whatever fear you had about it. And one more guy friend is def worth something.

<3 Janet

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