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Tami (taminator28) wrote,
@ 2004-02-28 23:07:00
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    Current mood: scared

    Fair Weekend
    Frday we had practice didn't work out to well....seeing how daniel blew up on us for a really dumb reason. I dont understand really what happened but whatever. So after practice i went over to Kraig's house and got ready and then we left. We went to the fair.. it's was pretty fun my parents let me stay out till 2:00 when it ended...but we left a little early and went to steak and shake and got something to eat. After that we came back to my house. Kraig got sick and then he ended up staying at my house. Nikki came over and stayed the night....Ne ways.. Today is saturday i woke up cleaned house and then went over to Kraig's so he could clean... we ate dinner over there and then we went to a movie.. it was really funny i recomend it.. it's called (50 first dates).. i really liked it.. It was cute and very funny..then took Kraig home got scared and now here i am writing in my journal.. Tomorrow i have to be at work at 7:30 which sux... but oh well... kraig said he's be online but he's not so i'm get going so i can get some sleep.. talk to ya'll later..
    I love you Kraig~!!!!!~

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its alysa =)
2004-03-01 21:56 (link)
Hey there tami ami.. glad ya had an awesome weekend and glad u and kraig are peachy !!! Incase ya didnt know my journal is at so come check it out there buttercup! heh! alrighty... see ya tomorrow, love ya lots... alysa aka jellie*

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