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Chad Wingston (talonr) wrote,
@ 2003-08-15 19:08:00
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    I guess watching Jason fill out a survey made me want to do one.

    Have you ever...
    Been Kissed?: Yes!
    Done drugs?: Brain drugs
    eaten sushi?: Not yet
    Been on stage?: Loved it ^_^ Need to find a theatre around here or something.
    Been dumped?: Nope.
    Had someone be unfaithful to you?: *nuzzles the windian next to him* Nope!
    Gotten in a car accident?: Don't plan on ever doing so.
    Hiked a mountain? Yea.. while looking for a shower. :)
    Made homemade cookies? No but that's an idea.
    Been in love? Am. ^_^
    Seen the White house?: Seen a white house.. could call it the white house..

    Cold or hot?: Hot
    Blue or Red? Red
    New or old? Old
    Give or receive? Give
    Wool or cotton? Wool
    Rose or Daisy?: Daisy
    Private school or public school?: Public
    Chocolate milk or plain milk?: Mmmm... chocolate ^_^
    Celsius or Fahrenheit? Celsius. Makes you think it's cooler then it really is on those warm summer days.
    spring or fall?: Spring
    History or Science?: Science
    Math or English? Math

    Significant others...
    do you have a b/f, g/f?: Both ^_^
    Do you like someone right now?: Yea, the ones I'm dating.
    Do they know? I'm sure they do. ;)
    What do you look for in a woman, or man, in a relationship?: Someone cuddly. A good friend.
    Who's your funniest friend? Kate's pretty funny.
    Who do you e-mail the most? I don't email, actually.
    Who is the meanest? Jason can be.
    Who's the loudest: Jason can be.
    Who's parents do you know the best? David's folks were pretty cool.
    Who has the best room?: I like being in Jason and Elza's rooms. :)

    Within last 24 hours.....
    Had a serious talk?: Not in the last day.
    hugged someone?: Yes!
    gotten along well with your parents?: Haven't seen them.
    Fought with a friend? Nope.

    Do you like to...
    hug?: Yes! ^_^
    Give back rubs? Yup. ;) It's a lot of fun since Jason has sensative wings...
    Take walks in the rain?: It's actually pretty fun.
    If you got a tattoo, would it be a snake sliding down your spine?: No thank you...
    have you ever had that falling dream?: Yup.
    What color is your floor/carpet in your room?: Brownish
    What was the last CD you bought?: Didn't
    If you chew gum, what kind?: Watermelon is good.
    how do you plan on spending next summer?: Lazing about with friends.

    Name: Chad
    Nicknames: Pudding ;)
    Gender: Dude
    Location: The house
    Any past locations: Windia
    Enemies: Nada
    Crush: Mmmmm... Jason/Elza...
    Are you in a good mood or bad mood: :) Good
    Description of me: Weird, drama, mad scientist. ^_^ Cuddly. Pillow. Jason once refered to me as being lickable. The list goes on.
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Height: 5'7" One inch taller then Jason. :) It drives him crazy sometimes.
    Braces: Nope
    Retainer: Nope
    Freckles: Nope
    Piercings: Nope
    Tattoos: Nope
    Kind of clothes you wear: Comfy ones. Usually brown slacks, a backless tank top, and my jacket.
    Makeup I wear: None
    Your personality: Kate once tried to explain me to someone. All she could manage to say was 'well.. he's Chad' So I guess that's it.

    Colour: Brown
    Type of music: Any really
    CDs: Don't own any.
    Bands: Linkin Park is good, since I've heard them so much. Oh, Depeche Mode. Kate has got me hooked on Depeche Mode.
    Songs: The song Dead of Night rocks. :) Kate has managed to make that my favorite.
    Animals: I'm a bird person. Cats are good too. I don't think I'd mind having a dog.
    Relatives: My folks are pretty cool.
    Food: Chocolate pudding. :)
    Drink: Windex. Blue Pepsi. :)
    Party place: Basement. We've got some nice things down there.
    Place to hang: Basement. Or in my lab. Or in Jason's room, or Elza's room, or the garage... basically anyplace with Jason and Elza is good.
    Place to shop: Geek Store! :)
    Quality in gender of choice: If it's Elza or Jason. If either gender does not match up to at least one of these qualities, then no.
    Cereal: Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs
    Movie(s): Matrix is good. Monty Python is good. Lots of good movies out there, actually.
    Actor/actress: Dunno, not too picky. I like a couple of actors. Orlando Jones, Eddie Murphy.. a lot of black funny people. :)
    Book: Various chem books and screenplays are always a good read.
    Subject in school: Drama.
    Person to tell your problems to: I talk to Kate a lot when things are bugging me. Sometimes Jason and Elza, depending on what it is.
    People to talk on phone to: Don't talk on phone much.
    People to have adventure with: Jason. :) Elza if she's up for it. David too.
    Person you can do nothing with, but still have a good time: Jason, Elza, David, Kate.

    Have you ever...
    Danced around naked: Yes! It's fun!
    Lied about your bra size: Um. . . Sure, why not. 0_o I'm a D cup.
    Gotten drunk: Naw.
    Smoked a cigarette: Nope.
    Run away from cops: Yes. ^_^;;;
    Flipped off your parents behind their backs: Nope.
    Mentally undressed someone: Mmmmm... yea...
    Eaten crayons: When I was younger.. who didn't?
    Shoplifted: *twiddles fingers*Maybe? But just little things.. pack of gum.. you know.
    Held a gun: Yes. Don't like it much.
    Seriously injured yourself: Not on purpose.

    When was the last time you...
    Went to a dance: While ago.
    Sang out loud: Give me one moment. There we go. :) Jason now wants to hurt me.
    Went to a porno site: Last time that happened was when I tried to type in a URL and apparently messed it up somehow.. you know how everytime you misspell something, it takes you to a porn sight. .. because obviously that's where you wanted to go in the first place...
    Threw something: Threw a ping pong ball up in the hair a few days ago. Jason made the comment of me throwing my pants at him. I won't go into that..
    Watched cartoons: Online flash cartoons. :) Few days ago. Kate showed me something at Muffin Films.
    Did something you enjoy: Just a few minutes ago. Nuzzled my Jason.

    Do you...
    Have a pager: Nope.
    Have a cell phone: Nope.
    Have a laptop: Named Plum. :)
    Have money in pocket right now: Some small change, yea.
    Have clothes on right now: Yes but I could change that.
    Have a mental disease: Nope.
    Lie to people to make them think well of you: Nope.
    Have behavioral problems: It's a possibility?
    Have a car: Yes. A nice one. :) From Elza!
    Have self esteem problems: Naw.

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