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Chad Wingston (talonr) wrote,
@ 2003-05-14 11:45:00
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    Current mood: happy

    Out in the garage again with Elza and Jason. ^_^; We sorta crashed last night while working on bikes... I realize that my journal updating has been a little more sporadic then it used to be, at least for a little bit. But then again I've been occupied with other things.

    Lesse here... so... I got a laptop from Leon, Elza's old friend. PC... Windows... *twitch* ugh... couldn't standed. Needed... a more... stable... system... so I hacked up Windows, filled in all the holes to make it run better, and called it Nifty Doorways in homage to a very funny online comic, Help Desk. ... random burning letters have been following me around, I'm thinking about changing the name to something else. o_o;; Can't stand those letters... creepy...

    We went by the junk yard and got a few more bike frames, which is what we've been working on out here in the garage. One's for Jason, the other's for Elza. It was fun to head to the junk yard with her... up until the point that a pile of rubble decided it wanted to try and bury her alive. ~_~;;; She's alright though... Jason got her out of the way. I was... a little too shocked t really respond. I'm not exactly that great in high-stress situations.. Jason is though. 0_o which is odd considering I can think and react quicker in lower stress situations than he can. He just completely loses it if the slightest thing happens.

    What else.. what else.... I'm pretty sure there's something else. I was about to write something when- OH! Got it! ^_^ Heh, was about to say 'when I got distracted by Jason' but that just reminded me, Jason took me flying! @_@ Oooooh... gads that was great. You'd think I would be more frightened at flying through the air at high speeds, doing dives and turns all the while with the threat of falling to the ground but... I'm not. ^_^ 'Cause it was Jason carrying me.. and he wouldn't let me drop. ... flying... grand... fun... oh, he should take Elza out sometime!

    Okay, think I'm going to wrap this up with a really quick survay!

    Today is ... Let me check calender on Plum.. okay, it's wednesday.
    I feel ... Good ^_^
    I like ... Working on projects with Elza and Jason
    I love ... Jason and Elza. ^_^
    I have ... Everything I could ever want or need
    I know ... That life is good
    I laugh ... All the time
    I miss ... ...... getting into tickle fight with Jason and Elza. But that never happened. But I wish it would. ^_^ (I'm just in a really good mood right now if you can't tell)
    I worry ... That I'm more happy than should be allowed. 0_o
    I thank ... Everyone for just being in my life

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