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Chad Wingston (talonr) wrote,
@ 2003-05-11 01:28:00
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    Current mood: peaceful

    Nothing quite as wonderful as waking up from a deep sleep in Jason's arms while cuddling an Elza. There's a feel there.. that's just hard to describe.. but well....

    see, more fun time with Elza and Jason. ^_^;; It was great because this time Elza got the brunt of the lavishing attention. ;) She seems to think Jason can do some pretty nice stuff with his mouth too. Heh heh... but we were cuddling after that. ^_^ Elza fell asleep first... so cute when she sleeps... I ended up falling asleep too. One of those deep sleeps, and it's just nice waking up and still having them there... I mean... I suppose it's just something that I feel, but whenever I'm in one of those deep sleeps, I wake up from them and I can't help but wonder what happened while I was out... and it's kind of a creepy feeling. More then once I've woken up in a different location then where I was originally, or I'll fall asleep with someone there and wake up alone... so it's very refreshing to wake up and find that my Elza and Jason are still there with me.. have been the entire time. ^_^ It's just this feeling of trust... very hard to equal to anything else.

    Well... typing is keeping my arms from being wrapped around Elza... I'm still a little sleepy and Jason's complaining about the clicking noises, so cutting this very short to just curl up again and fall back asleep.


    by the way, I think I have stumbled onto a way to always get Jason's attention. :) Elza and I managed to wake him up earlier with just two words. It was great.

    Okay, that's all for now.

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2003-05-11 12:00 (link)
Mmm hmm... ~wings twitch~ So... you got lucky with Elza AND my brother... ~ears twitch~ Someone must be really, REALLY happy...

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2003-05-11 12:23 (link)
*stupid-grin* Heheheheheheheheh

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