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Chad Wingston (talonr) wrote,
@ 2003-05-08 22:50:00
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    [mood| ... horny... but that's totally Jason's fault. o_o;;; ]

    So... I've got Plum now. :) Kate went and got it for me, since I wasn't gonna move, and neither was Jason, and Elza's playing her game.

    If only I could take a picture of this and post it. So.... Elza's playing Grand Turismo 3 on the PS2. And she's using me as a chair. Well, I've got Plum in her lap and I'm leaning over her shoulder a little to see what I'm typing while she's playing, so I've effectively got my arms around her like that. And then Jason's directly behind me, and he's got his arms around me and his wings are sort of around Elza and me. Kate says we're farking adorable. ^_^ Heh. I love this 'cause I can snuggle Elza and be cuddled by Jason all at the same time. ^_^ And type on Plum.

    Elza says Jason's wings aren't as cuddly as mine. Yet I'd rather snuggle up to Jason wings then my wings. Heh, but I guess that's just to be expected. ^_^ Jason wings. ... speaking of Jason, Jason is evil in ways that I never imagined he would be. o_o;; But it seems that having a girlfriend and boyfriend has allowed him to unlock these different ways of being evil. Like... right now, hand placement. Hand placement is very evil. And what he's doing to my neck, that's also very evil. o_o;;;;;; Oh gads it's good but it's also evil...

    Speaking of good but evil, if you haven't read Elza's LJ, we er.. ... woke up in an interesting way this morning. See, last night Elza and I originally were cuddled up on the couch. .. Then we woke up in my room... stark nekkid. o_o;; Let me tell you, waking up next to a nekkid Elza is quite the experience. ^_^;;;; But unfortunatily neither of us could remember what happened... then Jason made the suggestion that 'if we couldn't remember anything, why not do something that we can remember.' . . . just... the fact that Jason suggested that for me and Elza... o_o; Eh heh... but.. it seems like we have plans later tonight.


    I'm actually pretty nervous about that. o_o; Isn't that odd? For a guy to be nervous. Eh heh.. but I am... Jason is so not helping with what he's doing right now anyway. o_o;; Just.. the neck thing.. I swear he has something with necks. Eh heh, the things this guy can do with his mouth...


    he just started laughing when he read that. o_o;;;;;;;;; I'm going to die of embaressment now.

    Anyway, ... tonight... um... things.. and stuff. o_o;;;;;; Again, Jason hand placement is not helping. ... okay, forget typing. There's no way I can keep this up any longer.

    Then he stopped! ~_~ He IS evil! Eh heh.. he also says if Elza and I are really doing anything tonight, he wants to be there. o_o;;

    Jason- My bitch and my chick. Am I really going to want to miss out on anything interesting you two are going to do?

    I suppose not. After all, I'd feel sorta left out if he and Elza ran off to do something and I wasn't included.

    >_<;;; Hand and neck thing starting up again, I almost forgot this was his hobby.

    What really makes this interesting is the fact that.... I can't do much right now. o_o;; Even if I'd love to move around, I've sorta got an Elza on me, and I don't want to disturb her gameplay. So yea. I'm stuck. And Jason's being evil. And I can't really do anything about it. And I think he likes it like that. o_o;; But as I said, he's evil, so that only seems to make sense.

    Apparently he wants me to keep typing, but I'm not sure about what. o_o;;; All I know is that if I stop he stops. Evil. ... dang, don't have anymore surveys. I already finished my last one and Kate had more saved on Nicky but well.. Nicky's dead now. Maybe I could find some.

    1. If you were a lollipop what flavor would you be?: And already this survey is off to an interesting start. Chocolate pudding flavored. o_o;;;
    2. Light is yellow, speed up or slow down?: Depends on who's in the car with me.
    3. Shoot the bunny or the dog?: Dog. We don't have one.
    4. Hovercraft or jet pack?: Oooooh... touch choice. Um.... hovercraft since I can carry more stuff.
    5. Neon blue or neon pink?: Neon...... blue.
    6. Pickle juice or cabbage water?: Pickle juice I s'pose.
    7. Slippy or sloshy?: Slippy. :)
    8. Tell me about your mother?: She was a nice lady.
    9. Do you like your feet?: They're kinda big. 0_o
    10. Are the lambs still screaming?: Haven't seen that movie, thankyouverymuch.
    11. Bald or hairy?: Feathery.
    12. Where do you keep your porn?: I don't? ..... well, if I could get those pictures of Jason, I'd keep 'em hidden away on Plum. ;)
    13. Favorite Russian drinking song?: Don't know any.
    14. Weapon of choice?: Jason
    15. Running Man or Hammer Dance?: I'm getting the weirdest mental images with that question.. dancing hammers???
    16. Finish the sentence: And now you're back, from outer space...: Where has the time gone?
    17. What do you think about when you brush your teeth?: Minty.
    18. Driver or Passenger?: Driver
    19. Have you ever refered to any part of your body by the name of an animal?: Not that I'm aware of?
    20. Back to the Future or Karate Kid?: Back to the Future. :)
    21. Find stretchmarks sexy?: I've never thought about it.
    22. Ever fancied a cartoon character?: Not really.
    23. How often do you plot revenge?: I don't.
    24. Blame it on the rain? stars, sun, moon?: Blame everything on David.
    25. Could you hula hoop at any time in your life?: I could try!
    26. Do you think animals can talk?: Yes.
    27. Remember when Leg warmers were cool?: No.
    28. Worst thing you ever puked up?: Oh gads... I don't want to remember sick days..
    29. Do you know where your keys are?: In my room.
    30. Last thing you were supposed to do, but didn't?: I don't remember?
    31. Float like a bumblebee or swim with the fishes?: Float!
    32. Do you know all there is to know about the crying game?: Not in the slightest.
    33. Eat me or Drink me?: o_o;;;;; Drink me.
    34. Ever kill bugs just to watch them die?: Nope.
    35. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?: Nope.
    36. 2 boobs or 3?: 2 is just fine, thanks.

    Okay............ done with that survey. o_o;; Took a while.

    So just found out that Elza was thinking of joining STARS when she got out of college. Of course, she's not going to now, but she'd thought about it once. I can't help but get worried just thinking about Elza being off in places where she could get hurt, possibly die. :( Shouldn't think about things like that. Instead... shall watch Elza play and.... ... Jason's being evil. o_o;;; So yea, there's enough other things for my mind to be distracted by right now.

    1. What does your first name mean? Chad- Warrior
    2. What does your middle name mean? Daniel- God judges
    3. What does your last name mean? Wingston- Old nobels
    4. So what does your name mean when put together? Warrior God judges old nobels. 0_o
    4b. Do you have a nickname? Pudding.
    5. What would you have been named if you were the opposite gender? Josefina. :)
    6. Any other name oddities? Even though I'm constantly using Cupcake for nicknames online, it's really Jason's nickname. He also goes by Pyroboy. I'm just Pudding.

    Okay..... can't keep this up. Must post. Jason.. far... too evil. o_o;;; I'm just really really really glad Elza doesn't mind right now. Merphlgmrph. ~_~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Yea..

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