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angelfish (licorne) wrote in talk_show_hosts,
@ 2003-11-14 22:02:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:guess what

    berlin concert
    here is my review of the berlin concert, but i fear i might have no satisfying words to describe my state of mind...

    i wasn't arriving at the venue very early. the doors were opened at 6:30pm but it was surprisingly empty yet. i got in almost immediately and left my stuff at the cloakroom. and was there!

    i found a small place to sit down on the floor and wait for the concert to start. it was about 5 meters away from the stage! i had a fantastic view on thom. i could look him into the eyes. i've never been so close to radiohead before.

    but first asian dub foundation was playing. they played a couple of songs and the audience seemed to enjoy them. but of course the highlight was the sentence "this is our last song...". it took another 30 minutes of soundchecking and carrying stuff from one side of the stage to another. the last guy was dealing with a guitar so intensely that the tension got nearly unbearable when finally the lights turned off. and there they were.
    the opener was 2+2=5. i loved it. i loved every single song they performed. they played all the songs i had hoped for and more.

    2+2=5 was great. a jump right into the radiohead spirit which hasn't left me up till now. the third or fourth song was lucky. that one is special. i nearly cried. i had not expected to hear it this night. lucky was great. pyramid song followed soon. made me nearly cry again.

    the best songs were:
    backdrifts (awsome!), go to sleep, shoot the moon (where was my boyfriend?? i was longing for a kiss), in limbo, , talk show host (i fell in love with radiohead because of this song. it was extraordinary!), my iron lung (yessss!), where i end and you begin (!!), myxamatosis, there there, you and whose army, no surprises, how to diappear completely ... the complete setlist is here:

    1. 2+2=5
    2. sit down stand up
    3. where I end and you begin
    4. lucky
    5. backdrifts
    6. myxomatosis
    7. my iron lung
    8. pyramid song
    9. talk show host
    10. in limbo
    11. go to sleep
    12. dollars and cents
    13. sail to the moon
    14. the gloaming
    15. there there
    16. paranoid android
    17. idioteque

    first encore:
    18. you and whose army
    19. national anthem
    20. hunting bears (just a few chords)
    21. no surprises
    22. how to disappear completly

    second .encore
    23. airbag (just the intro)
    24. wolf at the door
    25. everything in its right place

    ... after each song i thought that's the greates radiohead song ever!. finally they played paranoid android which is the ultimate song for me.
    half of the time i had my eyes closed and just floated in the sound. no thoughts. just presence. existence. life.

    they had blue and purple lights and big video sceens on the sides. thom was in a pretty good mood i would say. he was dancing like crazy and joked around with the cameras on the stage. ed was on the left playing guitar and doing the background vocaling. he looked cute with his hairstyle. he's been smiling all over his face. they all were so unusually positive. but of course. my last rh concert was 9/11! no comparison possible. i didn't see much of phil. colin was more in the background. jonny was on the right side busy with all the electronical stuff and sampling. he kind of kept apart.
    thom was absolutely mad. he jumped across the stage, he put his heart into every single song. it was pure shiver, it was drama, it was love.

    the second last song was supposed to be airbag, but after a few chords thom cut off the song. someone had shouted to him claiming wolf at the door, and with laughing eyes thom moaned back that he would get it. this was the only song i noticed where jonny was playing guitar. well i might just haven't noticed but mostly he stayed with his sampling.

    finally...... everything in its right place.
    it was.

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2003-11-15 00:17 (link)
that is so amazing, radiohead was great live I agree, I cant wait to follow them around the UK someday...our setlist was similar, opening and closing songs..i can def. relate to how you said u just closed ur eyes and was absorbed by the was brilliant.

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2004-01-08 19:35 (link)
I'm a reletively recent Radiohead fan, and I didn't realize their brilliance until after they had toured the U.S....I would kill to see them live, and if I did somehow obtain the opportunity, I would die in ecstasy.

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2004-03-30 03:02 (link)
I am so jealous! I would have loved to been there and that close. I saw radiohead in Alpine valley, WI. It was an amazing show and well worth the drive...I feel addicted, it took me 8 years to finally see radiohead live and it was worth it, even though the whole concert i was frozen in awe! *maria**

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