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Nikki (taintedinocenc) wrote,
@ 2004-04-20 19:29:00
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    Current mood: surprised
    Current music:Tantric

    Today is April 20th..get it 4:20...yea

    Well today was a great day except for the bus ride to school today but that is a long story....

    Today I had MCAS camp and that wasn't bad, our team all won a ticket to go see a that's cool.

    Then I went to get my permit, I waited in line for soOoOo long. But I got it :) The test was easy, I only got one wrong, I didn't even have to finish the test because I got them right. I don't really remember any of the questions though...I know one of them was "when you write a check to get your permit, and the check bounces, can the registry revoke your permit?" and the answer is yes, I got it right. heh I forget which one I got wrong. Then I got to drive home from Brooks cuzz I didn't want to drive through Kelley Square. Then when my dad got home, he let me drive to Brooks in Grafton. I did good, I didn't hit anything, and I went the speed limit heh. Then when we were going through the intersection in Millbury my dad was yelling at me to slow down, and I got scared and slammed on the gas. heh. oops. but I didn't hit that's good. yea...

    Oh yea. Last night I went to Dana's it was fun. We ended up going to Jeff's house and watched Edward Scissor hands. Quite a good movie :) *thanks amanda* Then Dana and I went back to her house, and we were going to go outside to breathe but we fell asleep instead. When I woke up this morning I had 2 missed calls and I have no idea who it was because I don't recognize the numbers and one is restricted.

    Oh well i'm gunna go...bye...

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