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Nikki (taintedinocenc) wrote,
@ 2004-04-18 12:15:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:The Shining

    The day after
    Well I am officially 16, and my party was awesome heh. Well for all of those that wern't there you missed a good time heh. Before the party Anthony came over. Well he came over at like 9 am hah. It was fun he helped out a lot, when we were setting up he did like everything him and Dana I didn't really feel like setting up I was too excited. My mom was being mean before everyone got there, as usual but I ignored her heh. When Anthony and I were arranging the beads on the coat hangers so they would be easier to hand out, I made a noise and I scared him finally heh I can never scare him, and I did the smallest thing, and it scared him. He jumped and dropped everything that he had in his hands it was wicked funny.

    Some exciting things that happened at my party were when we got in a water bottle fight. I made my dad buy a case of water which worked out good, although not many people drank the water, a lot of people ended up with it on them. I got soaked and I found a white shirt so I put it on because I thought it would be drier but my bra was wet so it didn't really work out too good so I put my black shirt on over it and it kept me sry until I went to dump water on Derrick and he turned around and dumped it on me. Then Dana and I got in a water fight and so did my "mom" and I. It was fun.

    We played twister too. and we were dancing and Danielle and Ashley D layed on the floor and were like Nikki I want you to dance on me, so I was and my mom came over and was like Nicole get off of them. heh. Like at the end Amanda and Dana went down to the store and bought a ton of condoms and we were blowing them up and people were filling them up with watere and the floor was soaked so Dana Scott and I were trying to clean it all up before the bitchy lady came and yelled at us. heh.

    I got a lot of things that I wanted too, I got Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Gothika, thirteen, edward scissor hands, and married with Children for DVD's then I got bracelets, and a label maker hah. Stephen gave me a picture of a fairy in a cool frame, then a necklace, and Luke made me a cool picture, and he got me plugs :). From my mom and dad I got a white gold necklace that has a pink heart and a 16 on it, and then "from my brother" I got 10 kt gold earings that havy ruby's and diamonds in them. and money :). oh yea and a big teddy bear with balloons from my mom's friend Chrissy :)

    After the party Dana, Eric, Scott, Jill, and Stephen came over. We watched some movies and had story time hah. That was funny, but my dad was upstairs and I didn't want him to hear heh. When we were watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre when ever something small would happen i'd jump so far. I was laying down to begin with then I jumped and sat up heh. It was funny. Then we brought Scott home at like 10:45 I think and on the way back Dana and I thought of like a million different names for the fuzz. Then we were talking about how we should go on google and look up different names, then bring up a conversation about them and pull out the list and "think" of all different names to call them. heh.

    Yea a lot more happened but you would have had to be there. hah.


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