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My crazy life on a 12x8 inch screen (tahdah) wrote,
@ 2004-02-12 23:24:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:If i told you this was killing me, woud you stop?

    The rare breed
    Tahhh 1 8 8: im bored

    Tahhh 1 8 8: no one is talking to me

    Tahhh 1 8 8: and huhg hasnt even considerd IMing me

    Tahhh 1 8 8: No surprise to me though

    Tahhh 1 8 8: i cant believe i dont care though

    Tahhh 1 8 8: actually i CAN believe that i dont care. im just taht kinda girl. I guess there will never be anything, ever. but its ok because ive found a new breed. like you know when palientoligists go to the jungle, or where ever those people go, and find a new breed of jamacain killer flying whooping ants. Then they have to like captuer them and bring them to america, which in turn get out and cause pandamonium, but ANYWAYS. its like once you find something you'll always be on the look out to not only find something equally intriguing, but MORE intriguing.

    Tahhh 1 8 8: hes set the bar, he is an ant among fleas.

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boomboom bom ah ahh
2004-02-13 00:32 (link)
Since i dont show really anyone this journal no one can really leave me a comment
so im leaving myself one!!
i rock
dont pee your pants
<3 tah

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