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«ß€kàh» (synjgurlie06) wrote,
@ 2004-07-30 14:52:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Barenaked Ladies - It's All Been Done

    i felt like going through people's journals to find surveys or things to do to keep me busy
    [Name] Rebekah
    [Nickname] Bekah
    [Screen name] artsychick2006
    [Birthday] January 27th, 1988
    [Age] 16
    [Astrological sign?] aquarius
    [Chinese zodiac sign?] dragon
    [Location] Sandown New Hampshire
    [Sexual Preference] i prefer the men
    [Marital Status] single
    [Religion] Christian -> Protestant -> Baptist
    [Eye color] hazel
    [Height] 5'8 ish, i have to be if Ty's 6'
    [Shoe size] 9/ 9 1/2 in womans, 8 in mens
    [Parents still together?] yeah
    [Siblings?] brothers, 2
    [ Nieces/Nephews? ] none, because my brothers haven't gotten married yet
    [ Kids of your own? ] haha i'm 16, why the hell am i gonna have kids?
    [ Grandkids? ] haha, if i dont have kids, cant have grandkids
    [ Pets?] .... ::goes to a corner and crys:: not anymore... Pumpkin...
    [ In school/graduated? ] 11th grade!, well going into the 11th grade
    [ Rent, lease, or own your home?] i live with my parents but i don't have to pay rent yet
    [ Have any credit cards? ] no
    [ What do you drive? ] my dad's car, but thats when i actaully can..

    [ Color] i like any color if it's with black
    [ Number ] any and all numbers divisable by 4
    [ Animal ] cat
    [ Vehicle ] chevy's don't care what kind as long it's a chevy
    [ Flower ] JFK Rose, Red Roses, and many, many others.
    [ Scent ] love spell, vanilla sugar, cucumber melon, the way the kitchen smells when my dad's cookin' up one of my favorite meals, the way Tyler smells
    [ Shape ] cicrle
    [ Drinks ] anything that isn't alcohol or coffee (juice, milk, soda, tea)
    [ Soda ] sunkist, cream soda, the two taste good mixed together too because then it tastes like a creamsicle
    [ Book ] Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath... there'll probably be more to add to that list once i read the other 2 books i just bought about a week ago
    [ Band ] SO many... barenaked ladies, audioslave, finger eleven, tantric, nickelback, vertical horizon and MANY others music is what keeps me sane
    [ Song ] once again SOOO many... and i can't really pick just one, each band i like has a favorite song

    Do you...
    [ Color your hair? ] once or twice a year
    [ Twirl your hair? ] rarely
    [ Have tattoos? ] no
    [ Piercings? ] 2, closed up though (ears)
    [ Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? ] boyfriend yep, its been almost a year! less than 3 months to go! 10/28/03 i love him so much... and love to profess my love for him... :) i've never been so happy in my life.
    [ Cheat on tests/homework? ] not really i look in the back of the book in math when i don't understand something, not to copy the answer but so i can figure out how to get the answer
    [ Drink/Smoke? ] never have, never plan to, straight-edge all the way!
    [ Like roller coasters? ] eh, i'd like them more if i had the opportunity to go on them more often..
    [ Wish you could live somewhere else? ] i do but i don't. once you've lived in the same place for a long time you become attached to it... bbut bored of it at the same time, so thats more of how it is for me..
    [ Want more piercings? ] not really, i'd like to re-peirce my ears though..
    [ Like cleaning? ] i do it when i'm really stressed out or really upset, so in the past i did it quite a lot...
    [ Write in cursive or print? ] print; my cursive sucks hardcore
    [ Carry a donor card? ] yup
    [ Swear a lot? ] not as much as i used to, which i'm glad
    [ Own a web cam? ] yup but it's not hooked up because it doesn't seem to want to work anymore.
    [ Know how to drive? ] yes
    [ Diet? ] i don't really need to, but i exercise sometimes.. although my parents are going to be going on the south beach diet soon so i will be too..
    [ Own a cell phone? ] no...
    [ Ever get off the damn computer? ] more than i used to, i'm trying to stop being so dependant upon it
    [ Hablar Espanol? ] i'll be an amatur by the end of this comming shool year..
    Have you ever...
    [ Gotten a speeding ticket?] no
    [ DUI? ] no
    [ Been in a wreck? ] no
    [ Been arrested? ] no
    [ Been in a fist fight? ] no
    [ Kicked someone in the nuts? ] yeah... well it was actually more of kneeing than kicking, and i got to witness the awesome-ness of Katelynn Rogers kicking Donny Conolly in the nut with big-assed chucnky shoes on. i worshiped her for the rest of 6th grade.. heh-heh
    [ Stolen anything? ] no
    [ Held a gun? ] no
    [ Drank? ] not alcohol, but liquid yes because i'd be kinda dead by now had i not consumed liquid of some form ever in my life...
    [ Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? ] no, never been drunk
    [ Considered a life of crime? ] no but i consider taking a life a crime
    [ Considered being a hooker? ] ha-no
    [ Cheated on someone? ] no
    [ Been married? ] no
    [ Cried over a girl? ] not in a romantic sense.. i've cried over a girl being a bitch to me
    [ Cried over a boy? ] yes
    [ Lied to someone? ] yes
    [ Been in love? ] yes
    [ Fallen for your best friend? ] yes and we're dating now!
    [ Made out with JUST a friend? ] no
    [ Been rejected? ] yeah, more times than i've liked and i'm gettin friggin sick of it
    [ Used someone? ] no
    [ Been used? ] more times than i've liked...
    [ Been cheated on? ] not to my knowlege but i've had suspicions about Tim sometimes
    [ Been kissed? ] yes XD
    [ Experimented with homosexuality?] never.. ever.. don't want to i love men too much

    [Current mood] tired, kinda depressed
    [Current music] vertical horizon
    [Current taste] my keyboard from when i wrote my screen name using my tongue..
    [Current hair] down and slightly unkempt
    [Current annoyance] itch on my leg
    [Current smell] can't smell anything i think my nose's still clogged
    [Current thing I ought to be doing] taking a shower, getting dressed
    [Current windows open] the window in my room is but i don't know about the rest of hte house, i think the windows in the kitchen and livingroom are open too, unless you're talking about on my computer which makes me SO blond..
    [Current desktop picture] its a picture of pumpkin sitting in a chair at the kitchen table and it says 'My Baby's in Heaven Now' it's similiar to my blurty picture but i think the text is below the picture on that one and with this one its above him on my DT
    [Current favorite band] i don't know.. it changes with my mood but right now its a tossup between audioslave, BNL and 3 days grace
    [Current book] i'm not reading anything right now but i'm going to read Catcher in the Rye fairly soon, depends upon when i feel like it
    [Current cds in stereo] i don't use my stereo
    [Current crush] my boyfriend, you silly's!
    [Current favorite celeb] Jonny Depp! DUH!
    [Current hate] a lot of things...
    [Current job] mooching money offa my parents because i'm an unemployed bum so-help-me-God
    The last time...
    [Last book you read] Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott... not my kinda book..
    [Last movie you saw] Master and Commander that was a boring-assed movie
    [Last thing you had to drink] milk
    [Last thing you ate] cereal
    [Last person you talked to on the phone] Ty

    Do you..
    [Do drugs?] no
    [Have a dream that keeps coming back?] yes
    [Play an instrument?] "attempting" the guitar
    [Believe there is life on other planets?] no
    [Remember your first love?] yes :)
    [Still love him/her?] yes :) because it was Ty we were babies
    [Read the newspaper?] nope
    [Have any gay or lesbian friends?] yup
    [Believe in miracles?] yup
    [Consider yourself tolerant of others?] yes, as long as they don't do something that i don't tolerate..
    [Consider love a mistake?] never, its all meant to happen
    [Have a favorite candy?] anything chocolate without nuts
    [Believe in astrology?] no
    [Believe in magic?] no
    [Believe in God?] yes
    [Do well in school? ] it depends upon the class and the attitude i have towards it
    [Go to or plan to go to college] i HOPE so
    [Wear hats?] when i feel like it yeah
    [Have any piercings?] no
    [Have any tattoos?] no
    [Hate yourself?] ohhh yes, but not even close to half as much as i used to
    [Have an obsession?] yup
    [Have a secret crush?] nope
    [Do they know yet?] haha yeah he does... its not much of a secret considering he's my boyfriend
    [Collect anything?] junk?
    [Have a best friend?] yeah
    [Close friends?] of course
    [Like your handwriting?] on the rare occasion it doesn't suck, yeah
    [Care about looks?] my own? yes, other peoples? usually never

    =Love life=
    [First crush] Ty when i was a baby and then when i was 3 Kevin Gray
    [First kiss] Ty when we were babies although i don't really remember it but my mom told me i was crazy about him and its funny because i still am
    [Single or attached?] attached
    [Ever been in love?] yup, i am right now, and even if he ever falls out i'll never, ever stop loving him.
    [Do you believe in love at first sight?] yes, thats kinda what happened with Ty, he was the first boy i saw other than my dad and brothers
    [Do you believe in "the one?"] yes and i hope with all my heart it's Ty
    [Describe your ideal significant other] everything Ty is.. he's perfect in my eyes. he has the best heart, but at that matters to me are the innerqualities, good looks are just a bonus. (and i defiantely hit the jackpot!)
    [Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?] no, but i sure will when i get older ::evul grin::
    [Have you ever been intoxicated?] no, i can be kinda weird as it is so me intoxicated could be a potentcially dangerous thing..
    [Favorite place to be kissed] you mean i have to pick just one??
    [Are you a tease?] t'yeah
    [Too shy to make the first move?] its not that i'm too shy to do it because i'm DEFINATELY not, but i just think its the guy's job because my mom raised me to think that way

    Are you a
    [Wuss] to a certian degree, yes
    [Druggy] no
    [Daydreamer] yup
    [Freak] yup
    [Dork] yup
    [Bitch/Asshole] yup
    [Brat] yup
    [Sarcastic] ya think?
    [Goody-goody] no
    [Angel] no
    [Devil] no
    [Shy] sometimes
    [Talkative] yes, when people actually talk to me..
    [Adventurous] it depends
    [Joker] yup
    [Flirty] :)

    Word association
    [Rock] hard
    [Green] grass
    [Wet] water
    [Cry] sad
    [Hay] horses
    [Cold] ice
    [Fast] food!
    [Rain] making out in it :D

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