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BLAH! (swmgurl) wrote,
@ 2004-06-11 12:29:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:pop/rap/music!

    today was a blah day! its been raining all day and i want it to stop! its summer! the sun should be out! there shouldnt be any gray clouds. but i dont care just another reason for me to want to sleep! UHHHHHH im tired and sleepy! a nap sounds nice! well anywayz i made thisjournal becasue my frend has one and she said make one! so here u go i made one! l0l l0l i just wonder wat will come of it! l0l l0l anywayz......yesterday at my swim practice we had to swim in the rain! talk about COLD! i mean it wasnt cold in the water but when we had to get out at tymes it didnt feel to good! after that i went and saw HARRY POTTER! again! l0l l0l but this tyme it was with my frend Sarah! man did we have some comments about that! i mean all good but some of them dealt with our life! like harrys aunt marge reminded us of a teacher at out skool named Mrs. Walters. YUCK! we both highly dislike her! anywayz shes fat so thats whi we said that! and we want a frog that sings! that wouldbe very cool! hmmmmm im getting an idea! l0l l0l j/k and just to let u kno when i get an idea its not exactly good! but hey i guess it could be good! ok well im realli tired so i think im gonna end it here and take a nap! mmmmm i like naps! and i like popcorn! but i like swimming more! im oughty! ok that was weird so rewind and freeze! im leaving! ok that sounds better! l0l l0l bye bye!

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