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Ray Ray (switchfootfan14) wrote,
@ 2004-03-09 15:06:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Dashboard Confessional (song title too big) #12

    Long time...
    Thursday~ Laura and Brendan invited their friends over and we played bball...boys vs girls. The boys kicked our butts but we had more fun because we like keeled over laughing after every play or something cause there was a lot of hillarious stuff going on that time. The cabinet connection man came and I was riding Tylers scooter and ran into his truck lol he didn't see it though but it was so funny.

    Friday~ Chilled with Eddie and Brendan. Watched Bring It On with Laura that night...oh man that is a GROOD movie! We are clearing out the woods behind my house but I'll get to that later!

    Saturday~ It rained = ( but it let up for a bit and I played bball with Eddie and Brendan and me and Eddie got into a fight and I thought he said "your mom" so I pushed him down and wasn't cool. I talk a ton of trash when I play bball so lol don't play against me. I FINALLY saw The Passion...words can't even express how I felt after seeing it...I cried with Mary as Jesus was flogged and everytime he was hit I would wince because it was brutal. That movie makes you appreciate so much and I realized how much I take for grantid and all that so I am getting better at all that jazz. Oh yea, I went to church before the passion.

    Sunday~ Cleared the woods...lit a HUGE fire and did crazy things, tee hee. I don't remember doing anything other than that. There was supossed to be a band practice but it fell through. If nobody comes to the next one, I'm quitting the band.

    So we're clearing out the woods to make a place to hide in man hunt AND during the summer my dad is getting me a fire permit and we're building a huge fire pit and clearing EVERYTHING so Laura, Brendan, and I can invite friends over and have a HUGE camp out!!! It's gonna be so rad...hopefully K8TEE can come!

    ahh I feel like such a young'n because I am playing in the woods lol but it's fun and I don't care...I'm happy.


    April 16- Switchfoot
    April 29- Rooney and Michelle Branch
    April 30- Yellowcard

    and sometime after that...CANT FACE THE FALLING! my first CFTF show, finally. I love this band, they're from right down the street and they have such emotion and passion in their songs they rock.

    Okay so well the week is going good so far...straight away!

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