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The Hott Kim (swimspaz04) wrote,
@ 2003-06-11 11:07:00
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    Getting lost for an hour and a half
    Today was a confusing, lost day. I woke up grabbed my pop tarts and headed to tidwell confident I could find the pool. I leave at 630, and get to tidwell exit, exit there, take a left under 59, and then look for the McDonalds, take a left there and start heading down the street. I see a sign for 59, and think wow tidwell is alot farther than I remember. I pass old humble road, and thought to myself, I am lost again. So I turn around and go back up to the McDonalds and turn around and go back down the road, really alert this time. I call some people, but nobody had their cell phone with them. I end up at old humble road again, and I get out at a gas station. I ask people if they know where the 50 meter pool is, but all the mexicans didn't have a clue. I get in the car again totally lost about to give up, and then my phone rings. It's coach angie. She tells me you are suppose to turn before the McDonalds. So I drive back up to the McDonalds go the wrong way at first, angie calls me again and tells me to go the other way, and then I finally make it to tidwell at 8. Never knew it was an hour and a half drive to tidwell. I guess I'll have to leave earlier tomorrow if I want to get there on time. I walk into the pool and everyone's warming up/making fun of me cuz i got lost again. Steve was totally confused at why i got lost again, because he told me last night it's really hard to get lost on the way to tidwell, but I didn't really find it all that hard. But anywayz i got home w/o getting lost at all, and later I think I'll go to marble slab, and then maybe hang out with a hot know who you are... Brittnay and Brad were humping in the warm down today, which wasn't unusual, but who wants to watch it. Well I do, but others find it disturbing. There's some things better left in the back of brad's bed. Carey was trying to stare at my butt when I was walking out of the pool, but I caught her before she has a chance to begin doing the carey to me. JF...FF... Mad asked me if i wasnted to go see 2 fast 2 furious with me today, but i said no b/c i had already seen it when she was in gay ass colorado. The ready beanch was a living hell last night, but a really hot runner stopped buy which made it all worth while, he gave me a hug and then hung out a little and left. We got a $5 marble slab gift certificate for it, so we're gonna go use those later today. I'm off for now to grab a bite to eat, and then call my boys latger. If you get bored give me a shout on the big cell. Carrie you're the coolest! PEACE OUT!

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2003-06-11 14:09 (link)
Personally, I find it very arousing watching Brittany and Brad hump during warm down. I think that next time they should sell tickets to anyone who wants to watch. I know Kim would pay good money for a front row seat.

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Hot runner?
2003-06-11 15:43 (link)
Hugged by a hot runner?...hmm...i'm aroused just by reading the words...i bet he must be really good at gutterball as well

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Re: Hot runner?
2003-06-12 15:45 (link)
You better believe that I am the coolest!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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