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The Hott Kim (swimspaz04) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 10:48:00
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    A actual comment is made
    Today was a tiring day. I woke up went to practice, ON TIME! I think I left my breakfast at the pool though, cuz i wasn't feelin it this morning. Leckey made a comment on my journals, she said that I shouldn't double the heading on them, because that makes them confusing. HAPPY 16th TO "W". And that's not pronounced doubayou is pronounced douba-ya. With a little county accent to it. By the way Matt W that's ur new nick name. Well anywayz after practice me and lentz ate a little bagel and then went on a nice little job. Yea right it sucked like none other. Hot as hell out there I'm tellin ya. We came back and Coach Landtroop was there, and he's like no water. They turned the freakin water off in the school, I thought I was going to die! Literally! Anywayz we were walking around da pool and we noticed coach angie left 2 gaorades there for the people that went all last week, so we drank those since we both went all last week. Well anywayz I'm gonna hit the showers then take a nap, but this afternoon I'm gonna go to practice then work at the meet. Call my cell or home if you wanna go on a hot date. Which reminds me the hot BOYFRIEND search is still on so give me a shout if you are hot. Welcome back to those Colorado fools. FF. Andres watch out for those signs! hehe! I doubt he'll ever read this but if he does he'll feel special. PEACE OUT!

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2003-06-10 01:09 (link)
colorado was your mom....but not really.....cause i dont know your mom in a sexual kind of way....i just say hi sometimes and maybe give her a

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