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Mandy (sweetnomore) wrote,
@ 2004-04-07 20:10:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:Trapt

    Today was a great day! Today I was sitting in my seat in biology and everyday Jaron comes by and grabs me or something. Well today he was coming through and he practically laid on top of me, put his leg over my chair, had his arm around me, and I had my arms around him. I was laughing hysterically and he was talking to me. Mrs. Andry almost got onto us lol. Before he went to his seat he was like "Your hair looks cool down..." and then sat down. When I went to get a worksheet, he grabbed me and pulled me over to where he was sitting and was like "Would you give me a hug?" and I was like "Yeah...". Well he had his back to me and was like "Hug me...". So I leaned over, put my arms around his neck, put my face really close to his and hugged him! Now my hoodie smells like him and he smells really good!! He turned around and looked at me and was like "Thank you...". So I went and done my work and was gonna turn it in and he asked me if I would help him. So I sat beside him and was helping him. He asked me if I thought less of him if he was doing drugs and of course I told him no. So I ended up playing with his hair and he just sorta kept looking at me. Then after I got done helping him he looked at me all serious and was like "I love you..." and I said "I love you too Jaron." lol. We have been friends forever. I consider him to be one of my best best best guy friends. I love his style and his sense of humor. He's just an awesome guy. I couldn't live without him.

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2004-04-09 16:14 (link)
pretty serious stuff....

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2004-04-09 22:15 (link)

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