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Whitney (sweetbabe4eva) wrote,
@ 2003-12-06 21:03:00
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    this thing is so retarded!
    hay evryone well i cant figure thisd stpuid thing out rrr! friday was awesome well kinda. c we got on the bus at like 6:30 instead of 6:15 so it was all snowy out (i fell hahah) so n e how i called my mom to tell her where we were n she was like there is an accident rite outside our neighborhood n i told lacie. well lacie was like i better check to c i f its my mom it better not be n i waslike could it b Leigh? n shes like no she prolly left at like 6am so her mom is like im ok but leigh was in that accident... i was like omg!! n lacie jus turned over n olooked at me n im like it was? n she was like yea!. that was scary but shes ok thank god . her car is majorly fucked up so she gotta git a new one .so then at lunch i was talkin to tiff n shes sed im gonna smoke sum weed but i thought she sed im gonna suc sum wennie hahah loli was dieing!! so we made a song out of it .then geco picked me up n like threw me over his shoulder n then gave me my vanilla condom !!wahooo! lol.:.:.:.: hey that s kewl lol so then on the bus i sat wit paul:) n it was pretty kewl we were like takin his clothes . o yah i rote a note to dan n am goonnna talk to him soon omg i dont kno who i like n e more well then i spent the nite at lexis n it was all gravy we watched 13ghosts but i fell asleep so then we jus chilled todfay o yah n i helped my mom put up the christmas tree !until she got mad it was fun! well i gtg my hand hurts

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