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Kari (sweetandlovable) wrote,
@ 2004-05-30 21:59:00
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    so many things
    Wow I haven't written in here FOREVER...I guess I've been too busy running around like a chicken with her head cut off or something or otherwise just had nothing that seemed of importance.
    Ok there are some things important....
    First off I GET TO SEE MY ALICIA!!! You have NO idea how excited I am. I get to see her for 5 days!!! YES 5 DAYS!!!! I'm leaving next THursday and will be gone until the following Tuesday. I am excited beyond imagination. We're going to have the best time even if we don't really do anything. It will be great to get beyond MSN and really get to do things with her. I love my AliAli :) She's even going on a college visit with me... if I ever get the freaking thing scheduled!!
    Ah yes college.. I'm applying to Hope in Holland, Michigan and Trinity in Palos Heights, IL. We'll see what happens I guess. I'm just not looking forward to going back to Northwestern at all. I don't want another unhappy year because I was miserable and I think next year might be even worse. Of course I'd miss it and the people but ya know.... gotta do what's right for me.
    Not much else is going on I guess.... love sucks. I think a few people would agree with me right now which is why I am seriously ok with being single. COMPLETELY ok with it for the first time ever. So I will be single forever I think heheh well until I'm 30 at least..... that's when Brant and I will get married haha.
    So that's my news for now.... maybe I'll have more to talk about tomorrow....anywho. I'm out!

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2004-06-01 13:37 (link)
your coming to see me, your coming to see me!
i cant wait, i love you tooooooo my kari kari

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