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Kari (sweetandlovable) wrote,
@ 2004-05-13 15:38:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Clay Aiken - The Way

    What is this guy smoking?
    Ok ... so I had to add some humor to this entry. But seriously... what is wrong with him? Him referring to Logan Davis. YEah so none of you have heard of him.. minus Ali. He's 18... almost 19, from Nebraska, going to Univeristy of Nebraska majoring in theatre and drama, plans to be a teacher, and is obsessed with me. Last night, he said, and I quote "You could have one arm and buckteeth lol...nothing is going to change this butterfly feeling in my stomach" ... so not completely romantic.. but butterfly feeling. FROM ME!? It's crazy. I can't say I'm not enjoying it. He's an amazing guy.. strong Christian morals, ambitious, sweeter than candy (cheesy yes), but he truly is a great guy.
    So the problem? I haven't really met him... I mean not enough to consider it a meeting. All of our conversing has been through yahoo messenger. Which is good in a way, but horrible in another. This is a total "Travis" situation again and I dont' want to go through that again. AT ALL. And even if Logan is sincere and we meet and the butterflies are still there, I'm not sure I want to date. I'm so scared of rejection and hurt... I mean look at everyone else. Their loves have turned their worlds upside down in a not good way. I don't want that!! I want to fall in love and know that it's going to be forever. So what do I do!? I wish I knew! I emailled him today and told him how I feel... and I want to know what he wants from this and such. Because I refuse to go down that merry path of pain and hatred. Hopefully things work out!!!

    Otherwise.. I start work Saturday, nervous and happy all wrapped into one. I miss Jodi... I wish I didn't but I do. So I think I'm gonna write her tonight since phone calls are kind of hard. And yeah.... oh yeah!!!! Grades are in. I pulled off 3 A's 3 A - ' s and a B+.... God has surely poured His blessings on me b/c I was scared to death at midterm and didn't think I could do it. My GPA is 3.84, barely went down at all which rocks my world.

    Happiness alllll around :)

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