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Kara (sweet_n_vicious) wrote,
@ 2003-05-19 13:04:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:none--people typing

    Me, Me, Me
    Basic Stuff
    • Full name: Kara Marie
    • What you're called: Kara
    • Things never to call you: Cara (Like putting an A on the end of car...I won't answer to that)
    • If you could change your name: I like my name, I wouldn't change it
    • Family: I don't go home much, so its just me and my roommate Rachel in our college house
    • Grade: Senior in College
    • Hair color: My natural brown
    • Eye color: blue
    • Height: 5'7"
    • Weight: The world may never know
    • Where you live: Big Rapids, Michigan
    • Where you were born: Warren, Michigan
    • Pets: a dog-at home, not with me
    • Piercing(s): 7 in my ears and I did have my tongue pierced but I had to take it out :( I miss it
    • Tattoo(s): a moon in the middle of my lower back, Kokopelli on my ankle and my name in chinese letters in the middle of my upper back
    • Religion (if any): i don't really go by religion...

    • Movie: "Dazed and Confused"
    • Music group/artist: GC, Mest, Sum 41, New Found Glory, Green Day, Blink 182 that kind of stuff....
    • Food: Pizaa
    • Song: at the moment- Understatement by NFG
    • Color: Green and Yellow
    • Animal: dogs
    • Country: USA
    • Class: I am not in class right now but come fall it could be Human Sexuality or Science and Crime
    • Sport: Hockey
    • Summer activity: Grillin' and drinking with my friends
    • Winter activity: Just hanging out with the girls
    • TV show: All Things Rock, if i watch any tv AT ALL.
    • Outfit: Jeans, a tshirt and a hoodie


    • Will you marry: Hopefully
    • Will you have kids, how many?: 2-3
    • Where will you live?: hopefully not around here-I wanna go East
    • Will you have pets?: definitly
    • Will you dress like your grandparents when you get that old?: hope not
    • What "do you want to be when you grow up": I wanna be doing soemthing in the Advertising and Marketing area
    • Will you go to college?: one year left
    • What kind of car would you like to have?: Mustang!!
    • Do you want to live in an apartment or house?: probably an apt. early in life, and move into a house after i save up for it.

    • What is the worst feeling in the world?: being alone and unloved
    • What is the best feeling in the world?: feeling lost somewhere in my own happiness... without a care in the world.
    • What do you look for in a friend: trust
    • What do you look for in a boy/girlfriend: a good personality and defintly a sense of humor
    • Have you ever felt lost/upset/confused and couldn't find a reason?: yep
    • Do you ever act like everything is fine, when it’s not?: yep
    • What people would you never want to lose?: my mom, my sister and Rachel
    • What items are the most special to you?: pictures
    • Have you ever just wanted to escape?: every day
    • Have you ever wanted to die, just to escape?: thought about it
    • If you're not single, what difference has that person made in your life?: more than words can say
    • What song fits your life the best right now?: If You're Not the One by Daniel Beddingfield

    • Where would you go, if you could go anywhere right this moment?: Anywhere out of Michigan
    • Do u like cheese?: YES, but sadly I am allergic to it
    • Would you eat cheese and peanut butter together?: i'd try it.
    • Would you go skydiving?: nope
    • Would you go skinny dipping?: possibly.
    • Have you ever had dreams that involve ducks, giant wasps or large lizards?: don't think so
    • If you could have one ability (you don’t have) what would it be?: to love myself unconditionally
    • What is the point of playing a song backwards?:good question
    • Is there a point to school?: i guess...
    • Is school food real food?: nope
    • Would you wear plaid and stripes?: depends on where I am going and what I am doing.
    • Would you wear bright orange and purple?: depends
    • Can you understand Shakespeare?: yep
    • What is the most pointless sport?: golf
    • What do u sleep in?: spongebob pants and a NAVY tshirt
    • Do you think I'm crazy for writing this?: not at all
    • Are you crazy for actually doing it?: you tell me
    • What color can you not stand?: puke green
    • What song can you not stand?: Most rap
    • What show is pointless?: Survivor and the Bachelor/Bachelorette.
    • What movie should’ve never had a sequel?: most of them
    • Do cliffhangers bother you?: kinda
    • Are you ticklish?: OMG, yes
    • What do u want for your birthday?: $$$
    • Are only dresses feminine?: ONLY dresses? meaning no other clothes are feminine?
    • Who has a sicker mind, guys or girls?: girls-definitly
    • What class is pointless?: Geography-while in marketing??
    • Should money be something other than green?: should be spic ed up a bit
    • Is cheese mold?: yeah I think it is
    • Is the sky really blue?: I don't know
    • If you could get any material item what it be?: stereo
    • Do you have a life?: depends on the day ;)

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