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Sheryl (surfgirl1219) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 16:54:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:shut up- the black eyed peas

    i'm bored.....
    You You You..

    Full name: Sheryl Deanne Angela Zielinski
    Do you like it?: no i hate it
    Nicknames: Cherri, Klutz, Spaz, Sher
    If you could change your first name, what would it be?: Kelsey or Kylie or Keala or Mackenzie
    (same as above) middle name?: Anne or Rose idk
    Age: 15
    DOB: December 19, 1987
    Height: 5'6"
    Hair colour: brown/ blonde but i wanna dye it light brown
    Eye colour: blue
    Where do you live?: manalapan nj
    Do you like it there?: no its a japville i wanna move
    Why/Why not: cuz of all those japs that talk about the mall and talk on their cell phones a hundred percent of the time
    Where were you born?: east brunswick, nj but i don't remember what hospital
    Astrological sign: sagittarius
    Shoe Size: 8.5
    Grade: 10th
    School: manalapan high
    GPA: don't know..

    The Fam..

    Parents names: Pam and Kenny
    Do you have any siblings?: yes
    If so, what are their names and ages?: Krissy, 14
    Are your parents divorced/remarried/single?: no
    Pets: a border collie dog
    Names: angus (i know its stupid)
    Do you like your family?: sometimes
    Favorite relative: amy, kate, kyle, and all my aunts and uncles and cousins i guess


    Number: 79.6 and 23
    Color: blue, aqua, pink, lime green, orange, purple(colors of my new room soon)
    Car: idk
    Season: winter for christmas and my b-day, summer for surfing
    Holiday: christmas & my b-day
    Month: october, november, december
    Day of the week: tuesday
    Grade: wasn't this question asked already?
    Sport: surfing, basketball, baseball, softball
    Class: history and italian
    Teacher so far: miss bohn and miss piscione!
    Drink: mountain dew code red and coke and sprite remix
    Candy: dark chocolate, jelly beans, three musketeers
    Food: italian, chinese, mcdonald's, chips, ice cream
    Fruit: STRAWBERRIES! and cherries
    Veggie: carrots idk
    Dessert: ice cream and key lime pie
    TV show: lizzie mcguire, the oc, american idol, the real world paris, everybody loves raymond, degrassi, daria, the brendan leonard show, hang time, two of a kind, saturday night live, survivor: pearl islands, knock first
    Radio station: z100 and 97.5 PST
    CD: all my mixes that i made over the summer until now
    Movie: finding nemo, blue crush, freaky friday, drop dead gorgeous, the lizzie mcguire movie, and like every christmas movie like home alone and jingle all the way
    Actor: ray romano, brian mckenzie, brendan leonard, jimmy fallon, jake epstein
    Actress: kate bosworth, jamie lee curtis, hilary duff, maya rudolph, tina fey
    Song: ocean avenue by yellowcard, overjoyed by stevie wonder, ladiez by sarai, so many others
    Word: gi-normous
    Phrase: i'm dead serious
    Animal: puppies and dolphins
    Flower: those hawaiian flowers i don't know what they are called
    Clothing store: american eagle, hollister, pacsun, delia's, bang bang, aeropostale, journey's
    Article of clothing: my white long-sleeved roxy shirt cause it's comfy lol
    Underwear: idk it's just underwear who cares
    State (that you've been to): florida
    Ice cream flavor: mint choco chip
    Breakfast food: cereal
    Way to have fun: hanging out with my friends, listening to music, shopping, watching the brendan leonard show, dancing, surfing, planning out my new room

    This or That..

    Me/You: huh?
    AOL/AIM: doesn't matter
    CD/Cassette: CD, casettes are so 80's!
    DVD/VCR: DVD, but a VCR is easier to work lol
    Radio/CD: well radio b/c you don't know what's going to be on and that's fun, but cds are good too i guess for quality
    Slow dance/Freak dance: freak dance lol it's fun
    Jeans/Khakis: jeans
    Jacket/Coat: coats are warmer
    Leather/Pleather: neither too uncomfortable lol save the cows!
    Sparkles/Bronze: sparkles are pretty
    Sexy/Hot: what's the difference?
    Car/Truck: both but i probably wont be able to drive a truck...heck i won't be able to drive period! haha
    Civic/Acura: what's a civic or an acura? what kind of question is this?
    Corvette/Camero: again i don't remember what they look like
    Strong/Weak: strong you gotta be strong lol
    Upset/Pissed: pissed i like that word better
    Tall/Short: tall
    Lunch/Dinner: both
    Abercrombie/Hollister: hollister all the way, they are from the same company but hollister is cheaper
    Gap/Old Navy: old navy, gap is too expensive
    Nsync/BSB: neither they all suck
    Britney/Christina: christina, britney can't sing for her life!
    Love/Lust: love
    Gone In 60 Seconds/The Fast and the Furious: the fast and the furious
    Inside/Outside: outside baby
    Lipstick/Lipgloss: lipgloss
    Silver/Gold: silver
    Piercings/Tattoos: neither
    Football/Basketball: basketball
    Thunder/Lightning: thunder, i like to scare the crap out of people with a thunder noise on AOL lol
    This/That: this idk


    Who is your best girl friend?: fanny and rachel, nicole, marisa, lainie, christine, brianne, many more
    Guy friend: john i guess
    Do you get along with people easily?: depends on if they are jappy or not but yeah i'm pretty friendly
    Why/Why not: people's bad qualities bother me, for example jappiness and materialism
    Who have you known the longest?: marisa
    Who do you dislike the most?: many people
    Was your crush/bf/gf a close friend before you liked them?: yeah
    Craziest: sabrina and emily
    Loudest: "" ""
    Funniest: nicole and christina and brianne
    Quietest: christina
    Sweetest: all of them
    most caring: all of them
    Most understanding: rachel and fanny and marisa
    Kinkiest: no one
    Sleeziest: idk
    Best dressed: uhhh...most of my friends have different styles so idk
    Biggest flirt: dani is pretty damn boy crazy lol
    Most likely to have a 2 year relationship: marisa, she's the one who's been dating the most out of all of my friends and i've never had a real bf but i don't care
    Cutest couple: i don't really remember anybody
    Most loyal: everyone is
    Most athletic: shannon and jen
    If you were stuck with only 2 friends, who would you pick and why?: chrisine and brianne they are so funny lol
    If you could date >ONE< guy friend, who would you date and why?: idk i'll have to think about that one
    If you were the opposite sex, which member of the same sex (as you are now) would you date and why?: idk
    Most likely to be on America's Most Wanted: i have no clue
    Most likely to be a stripper: dani lol remember when you used a pole in my basement as a strip club pole? lol that was so funny and emily cause she was a stipper for halloween one time
    Doctor: marisa
    Teacher: marisa
    Stay at home mom: me, or i'm going to be a pro surfer or snowboarder or a model
    One you'd travel across the world for: all my friends live in nj
    If you could take 5 friends to paradise with you to live, who would you take and why would they be the best?: this question is too long
    Biggest wanna-be playa (boy): john
    Biggest wanna-be playa (girl): christine! haha eminem
    Biggest thug: christine sings eminem and dmx all the time so her lol
    Smartest: marisa
    Who would do anything for a thousand dollars?: me, christina and nicole and brianne
    Who has the nicest parents?: nicole
    Who is like your adopted sister/brother?: sam she is always over lol
    Who is the most like you?: nicole, we are so much alike its weird

    Love and Relationships...

    Do you have a bf/gf?: no
    If so, who?: no
    If not, do you have a crush?: yes
    If so, who?: i'm not telling....hehe it'll probably get back to him and i don't want him to know just yet
    how long have you liked your bf/gf/crush: i don't know i don't even know what day it is!
    What about them do you like so much?: he's pretty cool
    What is their strongest quality?: personality
    Weakest quality?: idk
    How long have you known them?: couple of years, since 8th grade
    What physical feature attracted you to them first?: eyes i think
    Personality feature: nice guy he's not a jerk or anything
    If you could kiss one famous >MUSICIAN< who would it be and why?: rob carmine from rooney
    If you could kiss one famous >ACTOR< who would it be and why?: adam brody from the oc and jake epstein from degrassi
    If your single, why do you think you are?: idk everyone tells me i'm pretty and stuff i guess i just come off as hard to get or busy or something but i'm not desperate i just like to think of it as whatever happens, happens
    What was your longest relationship?: never had one
    Shortest: never had one
    Who was your first love (if you've had one)?: never had one
    Do you miss them (if your not still together)?: never had one
    First kiss: haven't had one
    Most recent kiss: haven't had one
    Who is one person you've liked but >NEVER< said a thing?: this kid from 7th grade

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