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Kristyn (suppressed) wrote,
@ 2004-05-30 17:23:00
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    Current mood:indescribable
    Current music:ocean avenue : yellow card

    we'd run forever
    van helsing is one of the best movies i've seen this year. i saw it with briggite, and then ended up spending the night at her house on friday. it wasn't very fun, i mean we drank, but i only got a buzz. she's chickenshit, and says she doesn't drink because she doesn't want to lose her figure.. but then goes ahead and tells everyone how she wants get shitfaced at school, and says how much she loves to drink. FAKE. that's all i have to say.

    wow, i miss kristen a lot. she's in laughlin w/ cynthia. she got drunk as fuck and called me and told me how much i mean't to her, and that's not her. she doesn't just come out and say things like that with such meaning, and she told me that being drunk is her excuse to come out of her shell and tell me how much she cherishes our friendship. it made me feel really good. i guess that's why they call it liquid courage. right, on the other hand.. i went to the mall yesterday and got four shirts from ae and got some artificial flowers for my hair at anchor blue. i saw a couple guys from church and then went to my grandma's for dinner. it feels so good just to spend time with family, i love it. damn, only 2 more weeks of highschool left until im no longer a freshmen. even though i was teased right down to the very last bone in my body, i have to admit freshmen year was fabulous. i will never forget how much fun i had.

    my firsts
    + i smoked pot [on valentine's day - LOVELY]
    + i got drunk off my ass
    + i had my first REAL kiss
    + i slept in the same bed w/ a boy [mitch - numerous times]
    + went to a house party [you have to pay]
    + became interested in sexual activity

    wow, brings back so many memories. JAN-MAR were some of the greatest months of my entire life. well, i have nothing left to say but i filled in this questionaire. if your interested

    1.What time is it? 4:48 PM
    2.What is your name? kristyn
    3.What is your birthday? 12-26
    4.How many sibs do you have? 3 [1 brother, 2 half brothers]
    5.What are your sibs names? (cameron 13, half brothers- dominic 3, nathan 1)
    6.Do you have a job? n/a
    7.If yes, where? n/a
    8.If no to #6, Where do you wanna work? i really don't know
    9.Do you have a car? no
    10.What kinda car do you have/want? a black ford excursion

    11.Movie: how to lose a guy in 10 days & down with love
    12.Song: freek-a-leek : petey pablo
    13.Band: simple plan/yellow card
    14.Group: AFI
    15.Singer: britney spears
    16.TV Show: real world/made/true life/nascar 360/the fab. life
    17.TV Channel: MTV/VH1
    18.Actor: johnny depp/luke wilson
    19.Actress: julia roberts/kate hudson
    20.Comic: n/a
    21.Magazine: USweekly
    22.Food: chicken tacos/chinese
    23.Snack: froot by the foot
    24.Drink: water/pepsi
    25.CD-ROM Game: the sims/expansion packs
    26.Board Game: catch-a-phrase
    27.Card Game: poker
    28.Kid Game: i like to wrestle?
    29.Number: 27
    30.Cartoon: spongebob
    31.Character: patrick star
    32.Disney Character: ariel
    33.Color: pink/red
    34.Hair Color: dirty blonde w/ blonde highlights
    35.Time of the day: late at night
    36.Day of the week: friday
    37.Week of the month: the last week
    38.Month of the Year: DECEMBER/JANUARY
    39.Do you plan on having children: yes
    40.Do you want to get married: yes
    41.How old do you wanna be when you have your first child: 27-30
    42.How old do you wanna be when your married: 26
    43.Would you have kids before marriage? no
    44.What would you name the boy? ben or caiden
    45.What would you name the girl? kendal
    46.Are you a virgin?: yes
    47.If not, Do you plan on loosing your virginity any time soon?: depends
    48.Have you had oral sex?: no
    49.Have you been past base one 1?: yes
    50.Do you even know what the bases are?: yes
    51.Do you have a b/f or g/f (who): no
    52.Do you have a crush?: yes

    53.Music/TV: music
    54.Guys/Girls: guys
    55.Green/Blue: green
    56.Pink/Purple: pink
    57.Sleep/StayUp: stay up
    58.Summer/Winter: winter
    59.Spring/Fall: fall
    60.Night/Day: night
    61.Hangin Out/Chillin: chillin, i guess.
    62.Friends/Lovers: friends
    63.Cold/Warm: cold- i like cold weather
    64.Fast/Slow: slow
    65.New/Old: new
    66.Dark/Light: dark
    67.Sparkle/Shine: shine
    68.Peach/Plum: peach
    69.Apple/Orange: orange
    70.Laundry/Dishes: laundry
    71..Christina/Britney: britney, by far.
    72.Limp Bizkit/KoRn: neither
    73.Rock/Rap: rock
    74.Pop/R&B: pop

    75.Glass: window
    76.Shake: that song "shake what you got in 'dem jeans"
    77.Club: club 8
    78.Sing: singing in the shower
    79.Loud: speakers in a car
    80.Garcia: garlic?
    81.Hair: hair dye
    82.Ching: money
    83.Money: green
    84.Work: people in business suits
    85.Play: a swing-set
    86.4002: 2004
    87.Betty: boop
    88.Sara: my aunt
    89.Dog: dirty
    90.Brain: exactly that
    91.Nick: french fries
    92.Frank: sausage franks
    93.AM: morning
    94.FM: kiis fm
    95.PM: night
    96.Morning: breath
    97.Ball: what kind of questions ar these
    98.Eminem: he's funny but hard headed
    99.Rap: get's annoying
    100.Teenagers: teenage dirtbags
    101.Smoking: pot?
    102.Death: end
    103.Life: beginning
    104.Drinking: yes please
    105.Bomb Threats: ###
    106.Murder: no reason
    107.Suicide: no reason
    108.Fear: without it, your dead.

    LAST FEW (Pointless) QUESTIONS:
    126.Are you glad it's almost done? yes
    127.Are you bored? no
    128.What kinda mood are you in right now? hungry
    129.Did you have a good day today? it was okay
    130.What are you doing tomorrow: going to the beach
    131.What did you do today?: went to target

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