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Superstar (superstarpunk23) wrote,
@ 2005-02-24 10:28:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Amazing Pilots 'Price of Winter"

    Awww roomates and company!!
    Did I ever mention I have the best roomates?? 'Cause I do. :)

    My roomate Liz decided we should get things that would cheer us up. So that meant a shopping spree at the ol' school bookstore. Pretty awesome she is so sweet to me. We nought post its of every kind...the tabby ones, little ones, big ones, STAR ones and a cute book with a girl that looks like me that come with 2 dif. kinds of post its and a pen. We also bought scented markers, dry erase boards with tac boards for our all of our doors. So cute.. St. Ed's notebooks, binders you name it. ooo and Liz bought these cute Lizard magnets in blue, green, pink and yellow they are so cute!! Don't even get me started about our shopping spree at The Quick Dip!! Oh man...

    So Liz cheered me up and then later when we get home Maui arrives with a tray of free food she brought from a guest lecture. I'm mean tons of food crispy chicken and egg rollls. So so so good.

    Yesterday was a good one even though it started out ruff... my classes were cool not to bad I made an A on Math Group Project it was cool except I have another one due Friday I haven't worked on to much but I'll get it together.

    So so so weird right when I say I'm not going to focus on guys... a new interest comes. But the thing that makes this one stands out is he is genuinely nice. Not player nice or nice where he's the type of guy who will say what you want to hear... but a nice guy. :) He came over last night. He treats me extremely well... it's so weird. The girls would tell me that supposedly he had a crush on me but I never really talked with him... but he's really cool... but it might be too soon... and he's nice... what I need but what I usually don't fall for... but who knows I wanna change that so bad so maybe I will.... and I can

    Yeah we had a lot of people over including him.. Austin, Bill, Danny, Nick, Alex it was fun... it's always good to have enjoyable company around.

    Well I'm off to do work... ehhhh


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