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Superstar (superstarpunk23) wrote,
@ 2005-02-15 17:34:00
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    Valentine's Day
    Well Valentine's day was a lot of fun even though my official Valentine's Day due to schedule constraints isn't until tommorow. Mor eon that later. ; )

    At midnight my roomates and I sat around and talked about how much guys sucked. We got pretty intense and ended the night eating pancakes at IHOP @ 2am with the club crowd. I must note though I think the intensity of our conversations was probably due since we had been "relaxing" prior to and those anger thoughts soon left lol.

    Later on in the morning my sister surprised me and took me out to Magnlolia Cafe and I ate some yummy French Toast for breakfast. It was great.

    My parents told me "We haven't had time to send you your Valentine's but we'll send it." Great the few couple Valentine's I depend on and they forget. I promise this year my parents have been "Lydia Whoo??" My mom hasn't even sent me cookies once!! Sighhh that's what happens when you move and your parents get used to you gone, last year was just another story

    Did I mention I bought the book "He's Just Not Into You." I recommend it for any girl. It's great. It's common sense but stuff a girl never wants to realize.

    It has been beautiful outside these past couple of days...ahhh. I love going outside knowing I won't need a sweater but damn this cold front and rain that is coming in.

    I need to go to HEB...

    Off to do homework...


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