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Superstar (superstarpunk23) wrote,
@ 2005-02-09 12:36:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    SO life has been a bit crazed
    I bought the book "He's Just Not Into You." lol It's actually really positive.

    Been hanging out with the girls a lot they are tons of fun.

    I am jammed with work no kidding.

    This schedule is crazy I wanna stay up all night tonight since I don't have class until 12:30 tommorow but it's kind've hard since I've been up and about since 8 this morning. I need a strong power nap.

    Ash Wednesday is today and we still have class! Isn't that crazy!

    I went to the study abroad fair and got tons of books about programs in different places. At this one booth though the pen was busted and I got ink on my hand ugh.

    My dad says he just needs to put CV joints and new tires on my car and it will be ready to come. I just need to find a way to get it. I need to go get a new license since I lost mine before then.

    Anyone know how to fill out that income tax crap? I have mine, supposedly mine isn't to complicated so I don't want to go pay H&R Block a ton of money. So anyone with basic knowledge please help. :)

    It is still cold out kind've rainy. It left for a couple of days and know it is back.

    I have an Exam in Math for Liberal Arts Friday. Shouldn't be to bad well at least I hope not.

    Eh I have a paper due Friday I really should get started on it. I really should've gotten more sleep last night I'm so tired. Work was a blah memory for me this morning my boss wasn't there so I kept to do Math homework I wasn't planning to turn in but because of that it was turned in.

    I watched "She's All That" last night. It brought back some good feelings. Those warm innocent ones that you get when you first like someone and that person can do no harm. I think it's because they fill the movie with a lot of sweet liners. The script is actually done well for a teenie movie. Most scripts suck, I think that is why this one came out better than most, like that "Whatever it Takes" sucked.. "Drive Me Crazy"...sucked. Those had cheesy lines that were pushed. "She's All That" flows well... maybe 'cause it is also Freddy.... hmmm

    Today was a slam poetry event I really wanted to go to with a friend. I guess it will have to be post poned I just have to much work. Maybe next time even though I really needed something like that... it lifts my moods for days.

    This week seems a bit blank. If I could go home I would. But then again Friday will come and that will be another story.

    I've been a lot more positive lately. It's like my gears are turning.

    The girls are really great, they always seem to put a smile on my face and they make me feel good about myself. :)

    Well I gotta go try to get this ink off my hands and get read for my next class.


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bruta, ciega, sordomuda, torpe, traste, testaruda
2005-02-10 00:27 (link)
lydia, I have a problem, and that problem is that I don't know enough people. Instead of meeting guys of substance at parties, because of my tendency to not go out much, I get crushes on guys I DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT HAVE CRUSHES ON. So please, help me out!


ps- there is this ONE guy in my one class, but I don't know about him... we need to talk. i'm here for you!

pps- I drank a lot of wine tonight, hence my whiny-ness....

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