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Superstar (superstarpunk23) wrote,
@ 2005-02-02 20:57:00
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    Current mood: chipper

    Buh Bye Biollllogy
    SO I dropped the course.... much consideration was taken in the decision though and after asking getting the advice of many "scholars" I realized my best option would be to drop the course.

    Much great news came out of it...

    I recieved $100 for the book and with some of that money I was able to buy me a super cute warm cozy St.Ed's hoodie!! :) Awww I'm wearing it right now and it feeeeelllls so goooooodddd... Yeah I definitely needed one... especially since one of my roomates is extremely warm blooded and doesn't mind it 30 degrees in here!!

    Oh and I thought about it and my hoodie makes the perfect boyfriend/guy interest substitute. :) It's warm and it likes to cuddle!! hehe

    Another good result of dropping the class is that on Tuesday and Thursdays I won't have that uckkky early morning 11:00 class and I won't have class until 12:30. Yayyyy!!

    I wish things were different for Wed. and Fri where my day still starts at 8:30. ehh oh well Tuesdays and Thursdays will be my catch up days. :)

    Did I mention how much I love my lit classss???!! This Chicano literature is amazing... I have a huge paper due in the classss Friday.... but I'm not to bummed about it :)

    I can't wait to sleep tommorow yay!!


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2005-02-03 13:05 (link)
You should be a shame of yourself. A brilliant education in biology tossed aside for a damn HOODY! Ay Lydia, how could you? j/k I'm debating on dropping a course myself. I miss you lots, and we need to hang out soon. I might be up there next weekend.

Stay warm,


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2005-02-03 21:09 (link)
pop pop biotch. this be Tara foo. anyways, I'm glad you're happy about your decision. I almost wanted to drop one of my classes, but I decided not too just because I'm going to have to take it anyways... ;) I hope you're sleeping in is fun, and I'll call you tomorrow!

Big T

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Orale Buey!!!
2005-02-03 23:49 (link)
Howdy there pal!!! I have a blurty too...put me on friend's list! yeah i'm just about to start my paper...see ya in class on monday..gimme a call this weekend if ya want! adios amiga!

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