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Superstar (superstarpunk23) wrote,
@ 2005-01-20 19:19:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Cardigans "Love Fool"

    School School
    I never really understood when people wopuld say "I'm swaped with work." I mean I would agree and say "Yeah me too." But yeah I felt that way, I mean I thought that way but I now I don't think so. Now I feel swamped. First week of school and I have an unbelievable amount of work. Seriously it is outrageous. I decided I'm going to have to force myself to stay home Mon-Thurs. Study every chance I get.

    It's weird for some reason I am really excited about learning. I've been really dedicated I get home do homework. I have even declined offers to go out when other times I would puit off my homework instead.

    I haven't been on the phone much either. I decided to do homework then talk to friends or even if I have to wait until the weekend to talk or hang out with friends that inlcudes aim. The old Lydia would had never thought to say or even think that.

    My classes are a lot of work but they are so interesting! I am really enjoying them.

    I have the infamous rapper "Great White" in my Comm class. He's this white dude who supposed to be this talented rapper and has his stuff on the radio and winds contests and stuff. He actually cracks me. He's a character. Today in class we were discussing how the study of communication is a never-ending study because language is constantly changing. To emphasize this we did an activity where we came up with all the slang words we could think of and what they mean and if they had a different prior meaning. "Great White" had a huge list... and he was saying them... and its hard to explain... when "Great White" talks it just sounds like he is rapping and I really don't think he can help it or realizes it. He just talks kinda slow and smooth and tilts his head and stuff. So it was really funny and I suggested he should make the list and a song and he looks at me with this look that was "That ain't a bad idea" Geez that "Great White" that class is gonna be a fun one.

    Today I went up in Ragsdale to study and the most annoying girl is talking on her cell phone. 3rd floor Ragsdale is extremely quiet. I cherish the place it has nice couches and table to study and hardly anyone knows about it. So it me studying at a table and this girl laying on the couch and not just talking but yelling on her cell phone like no one was around, all I could think was "Come on!!". I could not concentrate. It was frustrating me.

    People like her make me self-conscious when I talk on the phone. Seriously I hate talking on my cell phone practically in front of anyone because it makes me feel so rude. I think that's why I can't be myself on the phone because I'm to worried if I bothering everyone else around me. That's why I tend to talk lower and weirder. People ussually pick up on it. My sister knows that when I don't answer her call or am talking to her funny its because I'm in a public place or in front of people. Ussually the first thing I do when I see that someone is calling me who I want to talk to is look for a private place to talk such as a bathroom or a spot outside.

    Call me a freak but it's a problem. I think it can also relate to my childhood and adolescent years when I couldn't talk to my friends in the family public places such as the living room or kitchen and I would go straight for my room.

    And I don't like answering the phone when I'm catching up with someone in person or hanging out with them. I think that relates back to when my parents would get mad if we were talking on the phone and we had company such as friends over or if relatives were over. I also remember my father remarking "If it's important they'll call back later." I think I've instilled that in my head.

    Maybe all those reasons are why I have this cell phone communication problem. Who knows maybe other people have communication problem with cell phones in public like me. Maybe I should keep the idea in mind for a research idea when I'm in grad school. Genius. :)

    I think I'm taking an upperdivision Biology course but I am not sure if I wanna switch out of it because it seems pretty interesting. Will I regret that later????

    I better go I have Math homework and I have work tommorow at 8:30 am so I have to get to bed early.


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