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Superstar (superstarpunk23) wrote,
@ 2005-01-17 21:11:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Wayne's World in the background.

    What a crazy first week back in Austin!!
    This week was life changing. I realized a ton of things all while having fun. It ended out being a three day weekend due to Martin Luther King holiday on Monday.

    Friday night partied with Liz's friends in San Marcus and gave them a try. And they all are actually really fun. They were nice gals. Great house. By the end of the night I was feeling goood. Great way to start the weekend.

    Saturday was a SEU party. I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in awhile. Erin and I drank our drinks a bit on the fast side. And in no time we were dancing like the night wasn't going to end. Great times.

    Saturday night was a self-realization for me. I must write in the friends only. Let's just say not surprised it happened to me I'm just that type of girl. It made me realize I spent last week dooped. Ehhhh..

    Sunday was a tonn of fun. I hung out with Jon, Jorje, Brian, Chris, Matt and Charleen. We went to this party that was one of the best stocked parties I've ever been to. 2 kegs of Don Equis and a chestful of girlie drinks. The night lasted pretty long. It was a fun night. Our goal was to not remember that night and I completed that goal by about 65%. I know we, danced, went to Jon's, then Chris & Charleen & Matt's place, ate Wendy's, then I woke up at jorje's place. We spent the morning recapping memories and that was basically the outline.

    The party we went to was kinda thuggish in a UT kind of way. And I remember I started passing out vanilla mints which are really tiny. Chris screamed "Yay X!". After that a line of thugs were grabbing the mints and were like "Helll Yeah!!" "Oh yeah X!" It was funny.

    I rested a good amount.

    I took a really long nap. In one of my dreams I had a dream I was killing zombies in a field by my house in Poteet it was really scary. Ehh

    Class starts tommorow @ 11. Chicano/a Literary voices and Mathematics for Liberal Arts. Should be fun. :)

    This is a new year! Who knows what will happen! :)

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