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Look into your soul...Do you like what you see? (supersexysweeti) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 13:34:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:In Love Or War


    This Journal Is Friends Only

    You can comment.....

    If i like you, and you think you can handle the craziness

    you shall be added

    but be forewarned

    you may not like what you see

    WARNING- People with heart problems should not attempt to be added, may cause serious helath risks!!!!!!

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2003-06-18 20:03 (link)
oooh...add me add me add me!! lol sorry...hyperness.....

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(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-06-18 20:35:55
(no subject) - surrealallstar, 2003-06-19 14:20:29
(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-06-23 07:28:21

2003-06-19 06:15 (link)
meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i already there..cause i cant see your posts anymore but im on your friends list :(

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(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-06-23 07:28:06

2003-06-25 20:21 (link)
Can I be added?? --Stacey

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(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-06-26 13:47:14

Me, me, me
2003-07-07 10:29 (link)
Hey.. i am new to this whole blurty thing but i would like to be added to your friends list.. So yeah :o). Your journal is really kute too.. mwahahah -Stephi

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Re: Me, me, me - supersexysweeti, 2003-07-07 12:32:05

2003-07-12 21:11 (link)
can u add me? and do u kno who can help me with my layout for my journal?

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(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-07-15 10:09:20

2003-07-15 18:28 (link)
hi. i was wondering if i cud join ur little journal community thing..let me know... chek out my journal..byee

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Re: joining - supersexysweeti, 2003-07-21 07:31:44

2003-07-26 10:34 (link)
Hey idk you but I just wanted to comment and say that your icon rocks.. Johnny Depp is one hot thing :D

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(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-07-28 12:09:56

2003-07-29 01:39 (link)
Hello, Im Jihye, a girl just as crazy and pirate-obsessed ::wink:: as yoo are~! well, i sorta dropped by after seeing yoor avatar, but i also just wanted to say what an awesome blurty yoo have. i like the broken hearts theme :) well, yoo dont have to add me to yoor friends list, but i was just dropping by!

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Re: Hai! - supersexysweeti, 2003-07-29 09:01:12

Hey I'm a friend of Nadja's
2003-07-29 16:00 (link)
Wow. So, I hope this isn't the second time you're getting this message, but if it is, oh well. I was wondering where you got your pic (the pirate pic) from? It rocks my socks! Well I guess that's it for now. Thank you.


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Re: Hey I'm a friend of Nadja's - supersexysweeti, 2003-07-30 12:37:22
Re: Hey I'm a friend of Nadja's - imjackscynicism, 2003-07-31 12:37:57
Re: Hey I'm a friend of Nadja's - supersexysweeti, 2003-08-04 10:51:38

(Reply from suspended user)
(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-07-31 09:12:27

2003-07-31 10:54 (link)
Hey you should definetly add me to your friends list so I can checkout your super cool journal. That would definetly rock my socks!!
-Bre : *

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(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-08-04 10:52:05
(no subject) - brokenangel7664, 2003-08-16 16:01:59
(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-08-18 13:33:38

2003-08-20 17:28 (link)
mm.. can i can added :D, btw, cute journal.

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(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-08-21 07:28:00

2003-08-25 14:43 (link)
hey ur layout is TOO cute add me and i*ll add yoo!
xOx_CasSie PoO

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Re: hey - supersexysweeti, 2003-08-26 08:48:56

2003-08-28 02:20 (link)
Hey you sound like me! add me.... I'll add ya!

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(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-02 07:33:31

2003-08-28 18:46 (link)
cute journal :)..add me?

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(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-02 07:34:01

I'm a victim too..!
2003-09-02 18:28 (link)
Hey there, luv ur journal!
I'm a victim of ur journal too.. Luv the icon ;) I'll add u if u take the time to add me! Can't wait to read those entries.. Wanna know more, read my journal..!

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Re: I'm a victim too..! - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-03 09:39:36

2003-09-07 15:43 (link)
hey thereee. i don't hate youu. i don't know why i didn't add you :/. and then i try to add you and it says some weird shizzat about ' error adding one of more friends.' I don't know what to doo, but i'd add you if i coulddd.

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-08 09:43:39

2003-09-10 03:33 (link)
Well, you've told me you wanted my new one, so here you are :) please take shadowofessence off your friends list though. I won't be using that anymore.

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-11 07:23:16

2003-09-14 00:55 (link)
shannon, you gotta add my new name to ur journal...i can't read it anymore :*( glasscandie

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(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-15 07:29:39

awesome journal!!!!
2003-09-14 23:32 (link)
i just love your journal!!!!!!! and your icon is the best!!!! ITS A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME!!!!!!!!! but me and a group of my friends have all joined blurty awhile ago and we are all still lost at how you change your layout and icon! so if would PLEASE get back to me to let me know how i do it, the that would be awesome!!!!!

also add me!!!!!!


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Re: awesome journal!!!! - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-15 07:31:07

(Reply from suspended user)
(no subject) - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-19 11:18:25

Add Me :-)
2003-09-20 04:22 (link)
I am a friend of pinkshadows18... i was reading her journal and i saw a comment from you on one of her entries... i saw johnny depp on your icon, so i figured that you are probably an awesome person if you like depp... he is a great actor.. my hero... i luv how he can be so loony, and be calm and collected at the same time...

anywho.. i would like to see your journal.. so add me to your friends list.. and i shall add you to mine

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Re: Add Me :-) - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-22 07:29:08

Larg arg blaaaaarg~!
2003-09-20 11:52 (link)
Oooh. Add me! MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEM-..wait a minute. I already am a friend. W00KIE~!

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Re: Larg arg blaaaaarg~! - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-22 07:29:51

2003-09-23 23:57 (link)
I don't get it. I'm a friend of yours and I can't see your blurty? Help!!! lol

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Re: Hmmm.... - supersexysweeti, 2003-09-24 08:34:06

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