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.:.follower of anyone who takes me to him.:. (superchill41) wrote,
@ 2003-09-30 20:21:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:echo 7

    ok today at school SUCKED ASS!!! but then powder puff came it was sooo funny!! ok me and alana get there and we see people running to there car bc the seniors knew we were practicing so we went somewhere else. so there is a line of about 30 of us going tot he new location and me and lana pull up busting some vanilla ice and chris and tif and katie are laughing at us. but we get out and offense runs some plays and then there was major senior madness!! we were running to our car and david's car got hit with the paint balll gun. to say the least he was furious!! but then we got back to practice but by this time it was darkso we lined up cars and turned on lights so we could see. we practiced for a while. got home at 8. im not as sore as usual though. im glad!

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2003-10-01 07:42 (link)
haha im glad ur not as sore as usually CUZ I CANT MOVE!!!...hah 3rd day in a row!! lol u kill me ur brutal! i wanna play on the other side so u dont hit me! haha oh well its still fun....i guess i could be optimistic and look at the plus least i dont have some stranger punchin me in the boobs! haha love ya girl! *ash*

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Re: ouch...............
2003-10-01 22:02 (link)
u commented!!! yea! u should more often!!

o yea. but today u got me back. u got past me a few times!!!

o by the way..... hows ur ass??
(i hope u get that from today!!! hehe)

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Re: ouch...............
2003-10-05 00:35 (link)
haha i dont know i figured u would know...since u were the one "beating" it so much...hahah BRUTAL! but since it has been a few days since the last practice im doin ok hah i bet i will be in some pain tomorrow though! eh i guess its worth it haha....u know what they always say....its always funny till someone gets hurt....then its hilarious!...but really did u know it was gonna be this serious? i sure didnt...i think i "jumped on the band wagon before i knew what all the insturments were" haha quote from alana...CHALK IT UP! haha i think thats how it went anyways! oh well not important u get what im sayin hah aight but im off! ill talk to ya later! muah! *ash*

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Re: ouch...............
2003-10-08 21:44 (link)
hahahaha! that is the funniest thing she has ever said!

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