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Supah Crayzee (supahcrayzee) wrote,
@ 2005-07-08 19:37:00
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    There's no windows in this place
    For me to show my weary face
    Rage I hold with in my soul
    At times i cannot control
    What's the point of me being here?
    When being me is what fear
    Everyday it's all the same
    Trapped again in my own pain
    I cry myself to sleep
    so many secrets i must keep
    no one to reach to nobody cares
    trapped in the middle of a distant stare
    Ive prayed that iw as free
    Of this grief that's filling me
    everywhere i turn
    every bridge must burn
    There's no window's in this place
    for me to show my weary face


    Desperate and scared
    I search through my past
    asking myself
    why nothing seems to last
    this raod that i travel wasn't cast in stone
    did i make the choice
    as to where that i might roam
    A shelter my fears
    from the knowen each day
    i search for a light
    to guide my way
    and this road that i travel
    was it up to me?
    Did i make the choice?
    or was it destiny?
    Is it destiny?
    the question still remains.
    Are we free to chose.
    or bound by chains.
    bound by chains
    are we bound by chains
    there are no answers to these questions that i can see
    Some say it's luck
    other's call it fate
    but as it unfolds
    do i hesitate?
    Do i hesitate?
    Do I hesitate?
    Do i hesitate?
    Do I? Do i hesitate?

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2005-07-15 10:15 (link)
*clap calp* ENCORE!!!! :D

(ps: translation: update please. :D )

Later much.

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2005-07-15 18:25 (link)
ps: when did you change your layout from that ugly pinkness to the lovely grayness??? I'm slowwww.

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