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Supah Crayzee (supahcrayzee) wrote,
@ 2005-05-14 12:25:00
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    Current mood: curious

    my "almost" girlfriend.
    Yeah, I'm only his "almost" girlfriend. lol I almost cried when I was talking to him, but I didn't. *pats myself on the back*. At least I finally asked him about it though, so I know. I didn't think we were really, really together, but I had my hopes high. He doesn't consider me his non "almost" girlfriend because we're not "actually" together. We're as close as being together without actually being together, he said. Then I didn't really say anything to that, so he said "not the answer you wanted me to give?". Duh! lol But then he said "it's not like I'm out looking for another girl, you're the only girl I want and think about". (aww). Then I questioned how he could tell me he loves me, or call me his when he only considers me his "almost" girlfriend. And now that i Think about that, he didn't really answer that. Well, he did... but didn't. He said "the way I feel about you is the way I feel about you". Later on in the conversation..
    Me: I hope the time until we meet goes pretty fast.
    Me: And that it actually happens.
    Tony: so do i babe
    Tony: im pretty confident it will happen
    (the i love yous)
    Tony: one way or another im gonna see you. if you come here or i go there
    Tony: but its gonna happen

    So yeahh...

    I got a cell phone yesterday, it's pretty cool. But, I might take it back. lmao. I wanti t so that whenI go to glorias I have it just incase something happens. Which i doubt it will, but to have it is nice.

    It's my birthday on monday.
    Um.. what else is new in my life? ha.
    I'm home alone because amy's a loser.
    yeah, im gonna go cuz g's online.

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