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Supah Crayzee (supahcrayzee) wrote,
@ 2005-05-03 20:41:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:Runaway Run by Hanson

    Runnnnnnnnn run runaway run
    Ok so my new song is Runaway run.
    I mean listen to the lyrics... They're perfect.

    And I waited for you. And I waited for you. (As I wait)
    Just a picture(cuz that's all I have) and a feeling (damn feeling) and a face.
    How could I forget your touch your warm embrace. (i wish)
    And the shoes (funny cuz that's an inside joke sorta) you wore with long black satin lace. (eww, i hope not)
    As you walked into my Mind. (And stayed apperently)
    Yadda yadda yadda

    I'm sure you all can figure out the rest. Tee hee. Lastnight was so great. I think I like him more. Crazy eh? He says the bestest things. Yeah ok i'll shut up.

    Today was a fun day. Weird how i think work is fun. I got in a fight with Lisa yesterday. Ha. I called her "snotty" cuz i just can't call someone a bitch. I'm so nice, aren't I? Then I think she was gonna cry, oh well. She pissed me off. Then she apologised and I was like "it's ok" and kinda walked off. Then she comes up and was like "Jeanie, do you accept or decline?" Blah blah. But yeah, I'm over it, so is she. So we were acting like losers all day as well as Mike. Twas fun. I lvoe days when it's fun like today.

    I miss G! :( I talked to her for like two minuts in about a month. Well, not really but it sure seems like that long. D'oh. Stupid school, end. YOu're taking my G talking time. *eggs stuff*

    Won't you saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave me!!! *dances* I love hanson! aahhhhh

    Tony's so sweet. *blushes*

    Yeah, ok. I'll shut up. :D

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2005-05-04 17:49 (link)
Who's a dork? You are! :D! lol ;)

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2005-05-06 13:04 (link)
G :( My internet went out and we can't figure out why. I'm at school right now... and I wanna call you :D Do you care? lol. I hope not cause I wont be able to be on the computer again to see if you care or not :P So, I guess this is just a forewarning: I'm calling you :-P lol. How's... 5?? 7??? my time. ha. Well, i gotta ask my mom first, but i will. ANYWAY. lol. Brandon wasn't at youth group. BLAH @ him. Hope things with Tony are going well :D ttyl.

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2005-05-09 09:19 (link)
ewww, you havent updated in so long, its starting to smell :|

lol ;)

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