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Denise (sunsetglow) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 07:45:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable

    i just realized i might not be able to be in the nativity i said i would on christmas eve. We are having family thing that night instead of christmas day this year. I never put two and two together until recently. I hate when i do that.
    I've noticed this year that i have a lot more money to spend on people than last year. I think it's because i spent like $80 just on scott, and bought everyone else and stuff. Now that i have him out of the way of my happiness, i have more money. I will admit, it was cheaper to go to the movies when i went out with him...

    I don't even neccesarily have a job, but i work a lot. I do the fund raiser for younkers, and get lots of money to spend. I don't like working, but hey, beats unemployment, and being poor.
    hehehe i almost wrote poop instead of poor.
    poop, i can write that in like .5 seconds
    I used to be able to type really fast, then i never got on, so i sucked again, then i got on the computer more, and now i type kinda fast again. I laugh at the fact that before i knew how to type right, i typed 2 fingered, and i thought i was fast. Its like when i thought i could teach myself cursive. They were normal letters, but i connected them, so i thought it was good...

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2003-12-18 22:44 (link)
LJ got rid of the needing a code thing to get it... so go get one!

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