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Faith (l0stslayer) wrote in sunnydale__,
@ 2003-03-13 16:49:00
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    It's funny when you remember things. I was walking down the rode the other day and I began to remember how buffy put me in acoma. And how her and angel played that trick on me. I remember how much of a fucking coward they made me. But now I am back to my destructo self, i'm 5 by 5. What should I do first. Want take have... spike...
    or maybe even her little sis. see what the fuck shes gunna do bout it and her scooby gang... but i think spike needs to get back on the right side. So I am going to convince him...

    And here he comes...

    [ lol spike your turn. ]

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2003-03-13 17:37 (link)
::raises an eyebrow:: What the bloody hell do you want?

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2003-03-13 18:48 (link)
"Hey Spike," *smiles*

"not glad to see me ? Heard you got spayed. Sad to see it. Thought me and you could have a nice spot a violence"

* leans in near his ear and whispers*

"but thats not gunna work if they got you on a leash."

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2003-03-13 19:16 (link)
::takes a step back:: I am on no sodding leash! But I surely won't go be "violant" with you..I have no reason to, now do I?

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2003-03-13 21:34 (link)
You want to go that way... fine by me *turns around as if it was ok thinks for a second then jerks out her stake holdng it firmly on spike* Spike meet your reasons. Unless you do things my way you guys will get aquainted. Now first on my list of things to do... take away your soul. * takes a charm out of her pocket * Nice shopkeeper... well before i had to put him to bed because his violent tendencies happened to tell me this would do the trick * nudges the stake into spike * lets take it for a spin

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2003-03-13 21:56 (link)
Faith, you mumbling slutty thing you, I was good before I had my soul, stupid git. ::rolls eyes::

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2003-03-13 22:08 (link)
Oh look the Slut-Slayer, what get bored humping all the lezbos in jail and break out? ::Sighs shaking her head:: I assume thats where your murderous-self was.

Leave us alone, k?

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2003-03-14 18:06 (link)
Yea well I wouldn't talk you and your sis are pretty good at fucking the undead aren't we
* grabs dawn *
don't play games with me. YOu know it would be funner killing you then playing around with this british excuse for a vampire.

* kicks spike in the face *

this should be fun dawn.

*punches her her jaw* should be fun...

*with spike hurt faith picks up dawn and runs.*

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Re: Ha.
2003-03-14 18:48 (link)
[ uhm -- you are aware this is season 7 on buffy which is season 4 on angel. Which means uh faiths not all .. evil ]]

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Re: Ha.
2003-03-17 10:35 (link)
::with camara in hands:: we can see, things are beginning to get rather heated around here...

hopefully out chapon vampire of the soul will do what is right


do something that will make her leave towm

because frankly, our unFAITHful slayer...kind of... ::quickly:: scares me

::faster:: just a little

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2003-03-14 19:33 (link)
[ exactly what I was gonna, being all ghetto and crap, she is. o.0]

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2003-03-14 22:06 (link)
[ personally faith isn't fun unless shes bad and secondly if you've been keeping up with angel she is kinda torn. soo i was thinking i'd incorparate make things interesting you know. ]

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