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Girl of Summer (summerlovn) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 21:33:00
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    Current mood:nostalgic
    Current music:wanna get to know ya-G Unit

    looooong time
    well..its been forever since i kept up with this thing. But i like writing in yeaaa. hmm so whats been goin on lately...i was sick last wk mon, tues, and wed. well, i went in to school tues to take my ethan frome test then i left. being sick was great. i woke up at like 11 everyday...watched saved by the bell and noon sat around and watched step by step at 2. and that was basically my whole day. school..well its not bad for school. its so dramatic i hate that tho. everyone just needs to get over themselves and enjoy life because we've only got 4 years of high school and then we have to go to the real world..we should enjoy our time not spend it fighting over stupid stuff. weeeelll anyway now that i said that um today i had a free day off because we can i guess? so i woke up at 10 to my cell ringing..went for a run came home showered talked to carm watched saved by the bell!! wooo i love that show. then carm told me she was coming in 5 min to pick me up and i was not redi and att so i had to get redi in like 2 1/1 min and i didnt have enough time but thats ok i should have gotten dressed earlier. then her mom dropped us off at harrington!! we snuck in the side entrance in D wing and went and talked to mrs. figura and mrs. smith and mrs. coffield and i popped my head into mrs. malasts to say hi because we're cool like that. mrs. smith had a pic from six flags and i was in it. omg that day was sooooooo much fun i wish i could do it again. and then that got me thinking about dinner dance which was def. the best night ever man the end of 8 grade was soo fun and so was last summer i miss them so much. here's a pic from six flags:

    ahhh that day was so much fun. so then me and carm walked to my house and got teddy's. soooo good and then she went home and i went to my moms friends house to see daughter's twin girls katelyn and jenna. theyre so cute i love them i wish i got to see them more often. then i came home and did hw and sat on the comp. tomorrow is school..uggh i wanna stay home sick again its great. it was so nice out..made me cant wait for SUMMMER!!!!!

    o ya and my bday is in 17 days!! wooooo

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2004-03-02 16:13 (link)
dinner dance was def the best ever. i had so much fun that nite and six flags was great. now how come u didnt go visit mr ehala? hahaha

i miss u becky =[
hope to see u soon <3 ashley xoxoxo

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