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Girl of Summer (summerlovn) wrote,
@ 2004-01-21 19:10:00
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    today was a great day...on the bus ride home carmen gave me a wet willy when i fell asleep it was so gross...but funny haha i just saw a preview for the movie called confessions of a teenage drama queen...i wanna c! it has lindsay lohan in it. and i wanna c the new hilary duff movie..cinderella story. wow that sounds gay but it has chad micheal murray in it so u can understand why i wanna! nothin else is really goin on..had a great day 2day!! i already said that tho lol now im chillin at home till american idol comes on at 8 and....OC at nine!!! im so ready to watch it and ali were singing the beginning song all during double bio lab..california here we come right back where we started from califoorniaaaa haha yea ali we're cool like that lol yep..that was my day

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2004-01-27 21:43 (link)
omg!! i will see confessions of a teenage drama queen with you!! i really wannt see that!! it looks kinda corny but i read that book last year i las vegas!!! ive never seen a movie that ive read the book of first!!! im soo excited!!!

lol!! listen to me!! im such a dork!

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2004-01-27 22:52 (link)
haha cool mal can't wait hahaha

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