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Girl of Summer (summerlovn) wrote,
@ 2004-01-12 10:50:00
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    Current mood:hungry
    Current music:bright lights

    so today was the first midterm. it was english. that was soooo easy. my english class is always funny and we had mr dimarco as our our test was alot less boring that it could have been. no its 11 am and i have to study for the rest of the day for intro tomorrow bcus that stuff is so hard its gonna kill me! and i really need to do well on that midterm. last night the eagles was an AwEsOmE game!! and sat night flyers game was a big suckfest...theyre killin themselves and they always do this every season after they build themselves up and everyone thinks theyre great. there was more eagles spirit at the game sat then flyers....they had TWO 5-3 advantages and they Couldn't score. they didnt even shoot the puck they just passed and passed and passed and they do that soo much the entire place was chanting SHOOT and they didnt. i dont no whats going on with them now but they better get out of it soon. wow that felt good to get out...i was so mad saturday when i was running across the parking lot in 6 degree temperatures after they lost 3-0!!!! it was pathetic....they must no they were doin awful cus their own fans were booing them...

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2004-01-12 13:25 (link)

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2004-01-12 13:29 (link)
hi, cant wait until the FIREMANS banquet, we are going to have so much fun!! only 3 weeks!!! <3 rb,dr

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2004-01-12 14:18 (link)
totally agree becky, those flyers better snap back

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2004-01-13 14:18 (link)
why do u have a blurty if u never update it hahaha

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